Irish Single malt 13 year old batch 2 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Irish Single Malt

Another superb Irish single malt from That Boutiquey Whisky Company is on offer in today’s review..  Hailing from an undisclosed distillery in Ireland and once again proudly supporting the psychedelic horse reference from father Ted this 13 year old can only be from a small number of distilleries so let’s take a look..


13 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey

As mentioned this is an Irish single malt and is batch 2, released in October of 2017 this has an outturn of 2200 bottles and  is of course naturally coloured and non chill filtered, bottled at 48.4%  abv.

Nose.. A lovely soft aroma of apple pie with cinnamon, fresh cherry blossom, dried grass with ground almonds and soft oak are the main aromas riding from the glass with a subtle hint of honey and fresh citrus peels in the background.


Palate.. Again this is rather fruity with those soft notes of apples and pears along with a subtle tropical flavour.. The spices are soft with cinnamon and ginger being the most noticeable, there is also a subtle  digestive biscuit note buried in the background.

Finish.. Fading spices and fruit..

Thoughts.. Theres no need to skip around the bush here.. This is a wonderful, easy sipping whisky that is perfect anytime of the day.. If you love the more subtle side of whisky then this will be a perfect addition to anyone’s whisky cupboard .. Enough said !

With an RRP around £60 then what’s not to like..


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