12 Bottles for Christmas…

It’s that time of year again when we all start to think about presents for friends, family and of course a little something for ourselves!!

So here is a small list of bottles I would recommend, these will of course only be bottled readily available and in what I think of as reasonable price bracket for the average drinker..

In no particular order..

1, Benromach 10 year old.. A spicy little number with fresh fruits, digestive biscuits, citrus notes, cinnamon, fresh ginger and a hint of chocolate..


Retails for £34.96 at master of malt..

2, Glenfarclas 15.. A lovely big sherried whisky that is raw and bold but just shines ..


Retails for £49.55 at Master of malt.

3, Glen Moray Elgin classic sherry finish. This is a superb entry level whisky that is just so cheap.. Subtle hints of dried fruits, vanilla and toffee.. What’s not to like !



Retail price.. £22 from most supermarkets!!

4, Glendronach 12 year old.. Some nice dried fruits along with a sweetness that mingles perfectly with subtle spices..


The retail price for this one is £39.46 at Master of malt..

5, Benromach 10, 100 proof.. A ramped up version of the 10 year old coming in at 57% abv.. More of those dried fruits and chocolate notes but with a more noticeable smoky side..


This one retails at £49.84 from Master of malt..

6, Redbrest 12year old..  A touch of Irish class with this pot stilled offering.. This one has it all, it is fruity, spicy and a little nutty in places.. A well  rounded Irish offering..


Retailing at £43.33 again this is a must try.

7, Ancnoc 12 year old.. Soft by nature but it’s the real deal when it comes to good sipping !! Soft fruits, gentle spices and a lovely floral touch makes this a real bargain..


The Ancnoc 12 year old retails for £30.95 at Master of malt..

8, Balvenie 12 Doublewood.. Is a list ever complete without the Doublewood ? A very easy drinking whisky that does exactly what it say on the tin as they say..


Retail price for the Doublewood is £34.85 from Master of Malt..

9, Glen Scotia Double cask.. Just a fantastic  whisky that is so undervalued by so many.. Lots of dried fruits as well as fresh fruit, spices and a nice sweetness with plenty of body and a real lipsmacker..



With a retail price of £37.24 this is a steal..

10,  Blended whisky #2 batch 3 from That Boutiquey Whisky Company.. This whisky carries an age statement of 22 years but there are some cracking older whiskies hiding within ( grain whiskies ) There is a real elegance and complexity that is just screaming to be let loose..


With a retail price of £63.95 from Master of Malt for a 50cl bottle this really is a bargain that shouldn’t be missed..

11,  Talisker 10, This one is one of the original godfathers of whisky.. Full of hot spices and smokey after notes, can it really be overlooked..


Retailing for £34.95 from Master of malt this really is a hot little number..

12, Lagavulin 16 year old.. Another iconic smoky beast that forces its way into the list.. With its ashy notes and medicinal aromas it’s a peat lovers dream..



With a retail price of £49 from a Master of Malt this is a real iconic whisky..

Now although I’ve named my 12 I have to quickly mention a few others..

Paul John Classic Select cask – £55.96

Big Peat – Douglas Laing – £49.95

Scallywag 46% –  Douglas Laing – £37.84

Glengoyne Cask Strength – £49.15..

There are many many others but I hope this short list will help a few of you out..










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