Bruichladdich 13 year old, batch 11 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Get on the ferry we are a heading back to Islay !! Day 12 from the – That Boutiquey Whisky Company Advent Calendar offers up this Bruichladdich 13 year old, batch 11..


Bruichladdich has a philosophy that “Terroir matters” and that the process of making whisky is far greater than just the distillery itself ..

“ This freedom to challenge and to pioneer is central to the heart and soul of Bruichladdich
Above all we believe in authenticity. That a whisky should speak of the land and of the people who crafted it. Ultimate provenance, ultimate traceability. A whisky that could not be made anywhere else or by anyone else – diversity, honesty. A spirit born from a philosophy. A spirit with a story to tell.”

There is no real argument to this, it is after all quite refreshing to have a Distillery wanting to tell us everything and to be honest about the way they do things..

Bruichladdich has always being held in high esteem with me and the whisky they produce has always been very welcome within my modest whisky collection, especially when it comes to actually drinking the liquid they have on offer..

Todays review is for this independently bottled expression from That Boutiquey Whisky Company and is an 13 year old which just happens to be Batch 11 from the award winning company..

That Boutiquey Whisky Company is an award winning independent bottler That is now in its 6th year and is probably best known for the funky labels ( excluding the whisky of course ) of which they are fast approaching 140 different labels ranging from blends, bourbons, single malts and grains hailing from distilleries from every corner of the earth and not content with that they also have That Boutiquey Gin Company and the newly formed That Boutiquey Rum Company for those of you who need even more diversity…

This Bruichladdich is bottled at 47.6% abv with 478 bottles released, this Bruichladdich is naturally coloured and Non chill filtered..

Nose.. Fresh and fruity.. A heady hint of apple orchards in fresh bloom, apple peels, orange marmalade, a freshly opened packet of wine gums, cinnamon buns, a hint of banana and pineapple.


Palate.. Again the fruit is dominant but the spices really compliment them and add some nice depth, there is a hint of smoke from the barrel Charing and an earthy note that is similar to the earthiness from a good Manuka honey..

Finish.. Spices and oak linger.

Thoughts.. There is just something in this that really makes it a joy to nose and sip, the fruits and spices just mingle perfectly and the subtle sweetness just adds further depth and quality to what is already a fantastic dram..

This Bruichladdich 13 year old, batch 11 can be found over at Master of Malt for £76.95.. That Boutiquey Whisky Company has certainly done it again.. Bravo.



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