Inchgower 14 year old batch 3 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Day 15 and we are heading to Speyside.. Inchgower Distillery comes under the ownership of Diageo and was founded back in 1871 by Alexander Wilson, the equipment was brought in from the Tochineal distillery which was also owned by Alexander but was no longer in use..


Today the distillery is primarily producing whisky for the blends market but there are a few official single malt bottlings to be found as well as the 14 year old Flora and Fauna series released by diageo in order to show the typical character of its distilleries..


Todays review however is from the award winning That Boutiquey Whisky Company and hails from the 2018 Advent Calendar. This 14 year old Inchgower is batch 3 is a single malt whisky and comes in at 50.5% abv..

Nose.. Fresh fruits eaten within a freshly mowed garden are the initial thoughts.. Apples and pears with a hint of pineapple chunks freshly cut rather than from the tin.. Subtle spices slowly arrive in the form of fresh ginger and cinnamon with a soft nutmeg aroma in the background.


Palate.. Spicy with a real burst of ginger Initially before a peppery kick takes over, then you get into the fruity side again with those apples and pears and a hint of peach, a little vanilla and honey are noticeable but stay in the background..

Finish.. Spicy with a lingering warmth..

Thoughts.. This is again another interesting expression, although it isn’t my favourite so far it is still a rather interesting whisky and just shows the diversity of whisky available in today’s market.. A lot softer than many of the whiskies I enjoy these days this whisky takes me back to my early days in my journey and on its day I am sure I would really enjoy this, as it happens today is bitterly cold outside and maybe I just need something with a bit more body… That said this is a whisky that would really go down well in the heat of summer !! It’s lighter body and softer approach would be more appreciated, and again it just shows how diverse whisky can be when expressions are matched to moods and outside temperature and surroundings..

This Inchgower 14 year old batch 3 can be obtained from Master of Malt for £54.95..

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