Bowmore 27 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Day 18 in the Boutiquey Advent Calendar and it’s a long old journey back to Islay.. Jet lag might set in, hopefully I won’t miss the ferry.. ( fingers crossed )


Bowmore, Which is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and the oldest on Islay having been founded way back in 1779 by David Simpson is today owned by giants Beam Suntory and has the capacity to produce 2 million litres of alcohol per year..

As a few of you may know Bowmore is still one of the few distilleries that still incorporates its own floor maltings with around 30% of the malt used having come through This labouring technique..

The remaining malt is generally sourced through Simpson’s to a phenol level of around 25ppm, and is mixed to the in-house maltings at a ratio of 1-3 ( for every 8 ton mash it is 2 ton from own maltings and 6 tons brought in )

Bowmore is typically known for its peated style and use of bourbon casks as well as sherry butts in order to produce its typical style but the distillery is also known to use the odd wine cask in order to mature its spirit and along with sister distillery ( Auchentoshan) these casks generally come from Chateau La Grange..

Todays review however is as far as I know  from a single bourbon cask.. Bottled at 47.6% abv this has an outturn of 285 bottles and boasts all natural colour..

Nose.. Stating the obvious but this starts off with a soft smouldering charcoal note before cinder toffee, salted caramel and burnt sugars, lemon tart and subtle hints of exotic fruits, stewed apple and cinnamon eventually break through..


Palate.. Peat dominant with a mouth full of smoke it feels like you are chewing on smouldering ash and damp oak covered in earth. Hints of coastal sea air, Manuka honey, damp heather and  damp socks..

Finish.. Long, smoky and earthy..

Thoughts.. This dram is probably going to be loved by those who adore the Bowmore distillery, the peat is certainly dominant and there are plenty of characteristics that are typical of Bowmore.. A rather full bodied well balanced, complex beast of a dram..

This Bowmore 27 year old, batch 5 is available from Master of Malt for £342.95..

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