2019 and beyond

Hello again and welcome to 2019..

It has taken a little longer than I expected for me to sit down again and want to write something more on whisky in 2019 and let’s face it we are well into January already..

The year actually started in the same way as 2018 ended and that was with me pouring whisky to people who like me have a passion for the amber nectar.. I always love working these festivals, mostly as a volunteer but this first festival of 2019 was a little different in that the table was totally independent and set up with fantastic whisky that I personally wanted to represent, the whisky was very kindly poured in conjunction with Talisker, Starward, Douglas Laing, Independent bottlers “ The Single Cask” Distell ( Deanston and Bains) and of course a little American treat from Four Roses along with Gin from Yorkshire based distillery Cooper King…


Arriving home after a great festival, a little tired and with very little left of the voice I got to thinking about the state of the industry and the whole blogging side while enjoying a very deserved dram, this then got me to contemplate where I should go with this blog over the next few months, do I review more affordable whisky, more high end or simply keep it how it is ? Do I publish more often like several of the blogs I follow or again just publish in the same manner as I do now ? Roughly twice per week..

Does anyone actually care ?

This blog after all was never really expected to be read by anyone never mind actually have people following and while I’m thinking along the lines of anyone who actually follows the blog I have decided that at random times and with no notice I will pick a follower or even just a favourite comment ( assuming you leave an email address) who in turn will receive a random “ Thank you” from me.. This might simply just be a sample to several samples and even a full bottles but like I said this will be a random act !!

So as I sit down in order to write the first review I find myself reaching for a whisky that has been sitting on my desk for far too long, I know it is something old but not a pocket buster as I call them,  What is it ? Well you will just have to wait for the review to be published I’m afraid but in the mean time pour yourself a wee dram and let’s enjoy 2019 together..




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one mate. Quite new to following your blog, but I do think there’s a lot to learn from it.

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