Douglas Laing release their Old Particular 2019 “Elements” Single Cask Collection

Press Release..

Old Particular 2019 “Elements” Single Cask Collection


Leading Scotch Whisky specialist, Douglas Laing & Co, today announce a series of Old Particular Single Cask Limited Edition bottlings for 2019, inspired by the four Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

The series launches with the “Fire” bottling which, very aptly, is a mocha-spiced Craigellachie 12 Years Old from a well-fired and characterful Sherry butt. All the Old Particular Elements Single Casks are bottled at natural cask strength and are proudly offered without colouring or chill-filtration.

The packaging for these specialist bottlings depicts an intricate illustration of each of the four Elements.

Cara Laing, Douglas Laing’s Director of Whisky who selected the Whiskies, comments: “Our cask selection and packaging design pays tribute to the natural elements that contribute so significantly to the production of Scotch Whisky. From oak trees to charred casks, peat and of course water, this specialist Single Cask Collection celebrates the role of the Elements in the Whisky-making cycle.”


The Old Particular Single Cask Collection features four Whiskies each paired with one of the Elements – they will be available globally from specialist retailers worldwide. The first release, Craigellachie 12 Years Old “Fire” Edition is at cask strength and is expected to retail at £95.

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    I know that feeling so well


  2. Unfortunately, I had to pass the Fire by. I just ordered the Beastie 12 CS and the Glen Moray 10yo. So the whisky budget’s pretty much used up for the month. 😉

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  3. sorrenkrebs says:

    That it does 👍

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  4. That series surely looks intriguing.

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