The English – Virgin Oak

The English Whisky Company


St Georges Distillery is nestled in the Norfolk countryside close to the village of Roundham, surrounded by a very good road network there is no excuse to not visit !!

Owned  by Andrew Nelstrop who is the passion behind the distillery and who’s family can trace a farming background back over 600 years to 1335 where William Nelstroppe was recorded as farmer in Yorkshire.

In 1772 Joseph Nelstrop started a mill in Ackworth which was later moved to Stockport in 1820 and is today still run by the Nelstrop family..

With the whisky initially released in chapters of unpeated and Peated whisky the distillery today is still releasing by chapter but also offers special limited editions, single casks and a variety of other products including a cream liqueur, a Px product, Rye whisky and grain whisky..


Virgin Oak Cask

The latest release to come out of the English Whisky Company is apparently the results of an experiment that went a lot better than expected and is now an addition to the core range..

Matured in Virgin oak casks this will be rather interesting to see how it compares..

Virgin oak can of course be very overpowering and the oak notes that generally dominate especially if it has matured for more than just a few years can really turn some people away.

Add that to the fact I have been rather critical about the younger spirit from the distillery certainly makes this a more intriguing prospect.. Will that youthful note still be there ? Will it still taste of new make ?

Well let’s see..

Distillery.. St George’s

Region.. Norfolk – UK

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 46%

Cask.. Virgin Oak

Nose.. Vanilla and butterscotch lead the way with cinnamon, chocolate and a gentle hint of tobacco leaf.. Roasted almonds, coconut, honey along with a hint of dark fruits..


Palate.. Gentle spices give way to honey and vanilla notes while that chocolate is a little closer to chocolate chip cookies and oak with a touch of bounty bars ( coconut and chocolate) a touch of citrus peel and a light peppery note..

Finish.. Gentle spices

Thoughts.. I’m impressed.. There is still the faintest hint of a youthful spirit but it works in perfect harmony with the virgin oak..

This is on a more gentle side of Virgin oak releases but it really does work very well and although this is going to be a perfect stand alone whisky I can imagine it will be perfect in a long drink or even a cocktail.. That said for those who like me just want something in the glass that needs no gimmicks then this will be perfect, those summer evenings when you want something on the lighter side that is just a very easy going whisky look no further!!

With thanks to The English Whisky Company for this official sample..


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