Invergordon 44 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Founded In 1959 this grain distillery did not start to produce spirit until 1961, the distillery can be found nestled in the Highlands of Scotland.

Located in the town of Invergordon which was once known by An Rudha which translates to “ the point “ , it was William Gordon who re named it Invergordon in the 18th Century.

Located near deep water the distillery came about after the Navy has withdrawn from the area creating unemployment for many of the locals..

The deep water and access to local grain made the location perfect and add to that the unemployment in the area and it becomes an ideal location.

The distillery is no small scale operation, boasting a capacity to produce a whopping 36 million litres of alcohol per year from the Continuous Coffey stills,and with the majority of the liquid going into the Whyte and Mackay blends its not hard to imagine the sheer scale of operations here..


Grain Whisky

Once thought upon as the filler to blends the grain whisky has always been considered as the poor relation to single malt whisky..

Generally filled into poor, well used casks in order to keep the neutral flavour profile regarded as essential for blending the odd cask started to slip through and made it into the open market..

As prices for single malts started to rise to the ridiculous levels we see today people started to look to alternative options and grain whisky started to become popular within the whisky drinking sector..

Aged single grains started to become sought after due to the extremely well priced tags and of course the fact they actually tasted pretty good !!

With the explosion of grain whisky also cane the rising prices and better quality use of casks.. Independent bottlers started to jump on this bandwagon and bottled ridiculously old grain whisky at fantastic prices..

Prices are now starting to rise and people are now realising just how good the liquid can be.. A lot of the older grains were produced with a high corn ( sweet corn / maize ) content which gives us a very different effect to the more common wheat usage that we see today..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

This Independent bottler which is now in its 7th year ( how time fly’s by ) is best known for the quirky, colourful labels that help give clues as to the contents, distilleries ( when undisclosed) and of course a little Boutiquey humour thrown in for good measure..

With over 143 different labels from distilleries / blends / whiskies / single malts / single grains / Bourbon and of course whiskey from around the world ( it’s hard to keep up with the figures as they continuously release new labels on a regular basis ) it’s not hard to understand why they are one of the go to names in the independent bottling sector..

Recently the company has had a big push into the American and Asian markets with Brand Ambassador ( Global these days ) Dave “the Boutiquey pirate” Worthington jet setting around the world promoting the superb quality of liquids held within these quirky bottles..


Batch 18 – Invergordon 44 year old

Distillery.. Invergordon

Region.. Highland

Age.. 44 years old

Abv.. 47.6%

Style.. Single grain whisky

Batch.. 18

Outturn.. 305 bottles

Nose.. Rich vanilla and butterscotch notes just rise majestically on the back of Manuka honey, caramel, gentle oaky notes and buttered toast..  Coffee and chocolate notes mingle with tobacco leaf, some dried fruits and cinnamon sprinkled over apple pie that’s cooling down on the sideboard at granny’s house..

Palate.. Buttery with a soft spicy note that starts the senses tingling.. Lots of toffee, popcorn, butterscotch and vanilla sweetness that just blends so well with the coffee, chocolate and roasted almond notes that give this old grain its elegant stature.

Finish.. Earthy with spices and lingering sweetness..

Thoughts.. Forgive me if I ramble on a little here.. This is like so many well aged grains, very elegant, seductive, exquisite and it just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling within !! You can get lost within the aromas and the flavours that this offers up and it’s just mind blowing..

Pour yourself a dram, sit back in a comfy chair, shut your eyes and just let the whisky lead you into a place that only great whisky can take you..

It was £142 for a 44 year old whisky.. Do I need to say anything else ??

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  1. Sally says:

    A really lovely review to read on a grey wet November morning.


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