Teaninich 19 Year old Batch 1 That Boutique-y Whisky Company


The distillery was founded back in 1817 by Captain Hugh Monro who owned the estate where the distillery was to be built.

In 1831 John Munro who is the younger brother to Captain Hugh Monro buys the distillery.

John Munro leases the distillery to Robert Patterson in 1850, Patterson is certainly a name you need to know when understanding the history of whisky in Scotland.. Reference to the “Patterson crash”  The Crash started in the latter part of the 1800’s and the effects were noticeable for many years afterwards, distillery closures, investment and actual production were dramatically affected.

The distillery changes hands a few more times over the years but in 1984 part of the distillery know as the “B side” is mothballed ( the “ B side “ is the original  distillation part of the distillery with the “A side “  being a newer still house containing 6 stills built in 1970 )

1985 has the “A side “ mothballed until 1991 when the newer site is once again brought back into production.

1999 unfortunately see’s the end of the “ B side “ when it is decommissioned.

The production is doubled in 2015 when 6 more stills are added to the original 6 and this brings the capacity up to 10.2 million litres of alcohol.


That Boutiquey Whisky Company

I am not one for clubs and groups, I just don’t seem to have enough time these days, when I was younger ( much younger) I was a Cub Scout then a scout and that’s about it but when you get an invite to become part of the Boutiquey Dram “ Good” Club then you just damn well make time !!

That Boutiquey Whisky Company is, well if you don’t know by now where the hell have you been hiding ? Ok I’ll explain one more time.. The team at That Boutiquey Whisky Company are an Independent bottler that continually bottle some of the finest whiskies, Bourbons, Grains, Blends and now even Gin and Rum for us mere mortals to savour and drool over..

Not only do they buy, bottle and release bloody delicious liquids but they also incorporate funky labels onto the bottle (ok not every one agrees with the labels but no one can really complain too much about the contents !! )

19 Year old Teaninich

Distillery.. Teaninich

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 19 years

Abv.. 48.6%

Batch.. 1

Outturn.. 862 x 50cl bottles

RRP.. £66.95

Bottler.. That Boutiquey Whisky Company

Nose.. A rather delicate nose that offers up fresh fruits in the form of apples, pear and a delicate hint of satsumas. Fresh floral notes appear along with digestive biscuits, toast and a little honeyed sweetness.

Palate.. The fruit and floral notes carry through to the palate along with a hint of spices, damp oak and a malty undertone..

Finish.. A little more spice and oak.

Thoughts.. This batch 1 Release is rather interesting and thought invoking.. Although I wasn’t instantly drawn to this, it did start to grow on me after a few sips. It kind of begins very subdued but once open it allows all the qualities to be explored and although there is a slightly  strange flavour that appears for a short moment is disappears as quickly as it appeared and you wonder if it was ever actually there..

Another left field whisky released by Boutiquey that will offer plenty of talking points and I’m sure plenty of smiles..

With Thanks to That Boutiquey Whisky Company for the sample.


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    Nice review mate!!


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