The Glendronach Introduces Single Cask Batch 17 Release

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The GlenDronach Distillery is pleased to announce the release of the seventeenth batch of its acclaimed Cask Bottling programme. Fourteen casks dating from 1990 to 2007 have been personally selected by Master Blender, Dr Rachel Barrie, specially chosen for their exceptional character, to celebrate and share some of the finest examples of The GlenDronach’s richly-sherried Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Each expression in this release has been bottled from a single cask and offers the richly deep colour, full-bodied complexity and long, satisfying finish for which The GlenDronach is known.
Resting in the earthen-floored, traditional dunnage warehouses of The GlenDronach Distillery is an exquisite selection of fine Spanish oak sherry casks, slowing maturing The GlenDronach’s full-bodied Highland spirit. Making Single Malt Scotch Whisky of elegant and complex character has become a signature of The GlenDronach, as a master of sherry cask maturation since 1826.
This seventeenth release of The GlenDronach Cask Bottling programme includes a rich selection of the distillery’s signature Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andalucía in Spain, as well as two Port pipes from the Douro Valley in Portugal. Collectors can also find a rare cask from 1995, one of the last remaining casks at the distillery from this vintage.
Master Blender, Dr Rachel Barrie, said:
“The batch seventeen cask selection truly celebrates The GlenDronach house style; robust, elegant, fruity and full-bodied. Each cask individually explores the sophistication, powerful intricacy and rich layers of Spanish sherry cask maturation found in every GlenDronach expression; from layers of crème brûlée, treacle toffee and over-ripe banana in 1990 to baked blackberry and currants with dark chocolate in 1992, burnt raisin and Oloroso-soaked tobacco leaf in 1995 to toasted pain au raisin and butterscotch simmering beneath the surface in 2007.

The distinctive flavour and rich mouthfeel of each cask has developed during the slow maturation process. All fourteen casks are bottled without chill filtration for richness, at high strength and are naturally deep in colour.”
The GlenDronach Cask Bottling – Batch 17 is available to purchase from specialist retailers from August 2019 in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Please see details below on cask availability by region. Depending on the expression, the ABV ranges from 49.3% to 60.9%. As with all The GlenDronach expressions, each is non-chill filtered and draws all its natural colour from the cask in which it rests.

EUROPEAN ALLOCATED CASKS: 7905, 221, 847, 5976, 325, 887, 6769
1990 CASK #7905

Aged: 28 Years Old
Cask Type: Pedro Ximénez Puncheon
Appearance: Demerara brown
Nose: Intriguing finesse and complex sweetness of blackcurrant vines and blood orange alongside Victoria plum and bergamot. Notes of oak, apple strudel and treacle.
Palate: Sip ripe plum, blackberry, apple and ginger opening to layers of Calvados and mulled wine. Savour the elegant grand finale of plum, dark chocolate, cherry and red apple.
ABV: 51.7%
1992 CASK #221
Aged: 26 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Deep bronze
Nose: Layers of Oloroso appear with toasted oak, butterscotch and crème brûlée, cherry stone and earthy bramble. Traces of orange blossom and balsam lift and lengthen with each breath. Palate: Sip plum in dark caramel, baked apple and cinnamon, as layers of sherry cask sweetness are released on the palate. Savour dates, orange peel and caramelised walnut.
ABV: 56.5%
1992 CASK #847
Aged: 26 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Burnt orange mahogany
Nose: Heady and intensely aromatic with powerful complexity. Brandy snaps, fruitcake, orange marmalade and Amontillado combine with cherry cake, vanilla cream and dark rum. Palate: Generous and bold taste of fruitcake, loaded with cherry, date and vine fruit. Savour a lingering symphony of Oloroso sherry, brandy and Armagnac.
ABV: 59.8%
1993 CASK #5976
Aged: 25 Years Old
Cask Type: Port Pipe
Appearance: Deep mahogany red
Nose: Intriguing richness and depth of redcurrant, bramble jam and cherry cake balanced with bitter orange, black grape and a hint of tropical fruit.
Palate: Long, silky and persistent as juicy blackberry and apricot liqueur build to mango and guava. Currents, papaya and mixed nuts linger in the fruity finish.
ABV: 55.6%
1994 CASK #325
Aged: 24 Years Old
Cask Type: Pedro Ximénez Puncheon
Appearance: Glazed tawny gold
Nose: Robust, hearty and firm, with the rich aroma of orange and lingonberry sauce, plum and herbs.
Palate: Full-bodied and unctuous with dark sherry, angelica and roast chestnut and sage. Savour lingering traces of liquorice, fennel and bitter dark chocolate sauce.
ABV: 51.9%
2005 CASK #887
Aged: 13 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Golden sunset
Nose: The fruity elegance of nectarine, apricot and cherry merges with warm cinnamon, crisp mint and the finest dark chocolate.
Palate: Apricot and nectarine with traces of cinnamon and ground nutmeg. Savour coriander and acacia honey in the long, elegant finish.
ABV: 55.1%
2007 CASK #6769
Aged: 12 Years Old
Cask Type: Pedro Ximénez Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Amber gold
Nose: Baked apple pie with cinnamon sticks, crème caramel and dark manuka honey. Toasted pain au raisin and butterscotch simmer beneath the surface.
Palate: Warm and spicy with ginger and cinnamon buns giving way to bramley apple and pear. Savour cranberry in chocolate with burnt raisin into the lasting dry finish.
ABV: 60.9%

APAC & CANADA ALLOCATED CASKS: 2623, 113, 5896, 416, 3040, 3343, 3359
1990 CASK #2623
Aged: 28 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Deep golden brown
Nose: Powerful Layers of crème brûlée, treacle toffee and over- ripe banana smothered in heather honey and butterscotch. Palate: Sip unctuous walnut oil and sun-dried raisins with toasted sultanas. Savour caramelised Medjool dates and baked banana bread into the lingering, richly flavoured finish.
ABV: 50.1%
1992 CASK #113
Aged: 26 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Golden walnut brown.
Nose: Milk chocolate Brazil nut and dark chocolate hazelnut give way to raisin, sultana and crème brûlée with stem ginger in treacle.
Palate: Dark chocolate raisin, butterscotch and baked orange, with sultana, fig and almond cake. Marzipan-coated fruitcake lingers into the unctuous finish.
ABV: 50.1%
1992 CASK #5896
Aged: 26 Years Old
Cask Type: Port Pipe
Appearance: Dark ruby
Nose: Deeply aromatic with cigar box, orange and leather, with slowly emerging layers of dried grass, nutmeg, sandalwood and black cherry.
Palate: Sip baked blackberry and currant with dark chocolate, cherry stone and walnut. Savour Turkish delight dusted with icing sugar lingering unexpectedly into a nutty nougat and cream finish.
ABV: 49.3%
1993 CASK #416
Aged: 25 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Butt
Appearance: Antique bronze with an amber hue.
Nose: Sticky date, burnt-raisin and Oloroso-soaked tobacco leaf give way to Christmas cake and oven-baked treacle pie. Palate: Sumptuous, mouth-filling taste of baked autumn fruits with plum, apple and blackberry. Savour the lingering dark fruity taste of blueberry, cherry and treacle.
ABV: 51.2%
1995 CASK #3040
Aged: 23 Years Old
Cask Type: Pedro Ximénez Puncheon
Appearance: Antique bronze with russet highlights.
Nose: Elegant and piquant with silver birch leaf, vines and dates, lifted by mint dark chocolate, opening to blackcurrant, smoke and vetiver tobacco leaf.
Palate: Sip mouth-watering blackcurrant and menthol rolling on the palate with mango and papaya. Savour dark manuka honey, lemon peel and cassis in the deliciously mouth-watering finish.
ABV: 52.5%
2006 CASK #3343
Aged: 13 Years Old
Cask Type: Pedro Ximénez Puncheon
Appearance: Dark honey gold.
Nose: Enticing notes of baked orange and sandalwood with dried fig, apricot and mixed nuts with maple syrup. Cedarwood and oven-baked gingerbread simmer in the background with winter spices.
Palate: Sweet, spicy and fruity with baked nectarine and plum pudding, vanilla cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. Savour the long, spiced fruit finish or orange and ginger marmalade.
ABV: 56.3%
2006 CASK #3359
Aged: 13 Years Old
Cask Type: Oloroso Sherry Puncheon
Appearance: Deep amber with an auburn hue.
Nose: The beguiling heady fragrance of toasted cedarwood, crystalised orange and candied pear on a base of sandalwood, spiced bramble jam and honey-glazed apricot.
Palate: Spiced pear and orange candy burst on the palate, becoming glazed toffee apple and chocolate-coated cherry. Savour the lingering fruity taste of red plum and blueberry. ABV: 56.7%

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