Here’s the rope..

It always tickles me when I hear people moaning about the small things in life, so many of us have very little to really moan about in life but as a species we have to make something so trivial into something that makes us feel like life itself is about to end..

Why is it that so many people have to always find a negative in everything they do ? Nothing can be right it always has to have something wrong with it.

Then along comes someone with a more positive outlook and all they can do is have a go at them too. Your honesty and integrity comes into question, in fact the very fact you exist is a negative to them..

Lets take the “ whisky fabric “ this is, or was a label given to those who stuck together ( well that’s what I thought when I was first introduced to the idea ) as with everything thing in life it has its good points and obviously it’s negative points, the good side is those who like to support and help out in anyway they can, those who don’t need to judge you, those who don’t really need to know you from an opinion of others, they accept your style or attitude and shortfalls.

People that like some of the other whisky enthusiasts, bloggers, Ambassadors and industry people that just want to help each other and make sure that the journey is as enjoyable as it can be.  These are the very essence of what I understood the “ whisky fabric” to be ! They are not just after something, they genuinely want to help, they are good people in a world of negativity, hurtful and deviant people.

Then of course you get the constant moaners, those who have agendas and those who want to be noticed no matter the cost.. The back stabbing, self important people who thrive on making other people miserable, self doubting and even feeling worthless..

Those who think only their opinions can be right and if you go against them then it’s like a self imposed death sentence, everything has to be negative and that’s just the way it is..

What makes me laugh the most is those that offer up opinions of others without even taking the time to try to know the person they feel they need to attack, it’s a pack thing you know, a weak mentality and a cover up of their own insecurities!!

Then there are those who call themselves friends but can’t wait to destroy the very essence of friendships, those who for no apparent reason just forget you exist, communication vanishes, rumours are spread and you are left in the wilderness with no knowledge of the problems..

Everyone might not have your opinion but that is after all their prerogative!


You’re so vain you probably think this piece is about you.. You might just be right!!

Life generally sucks but we make of it what we can..

We get up every morning and remember to breathe..

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  1. whiskyjane says:

    Well all you can be is honest!! Sadly lacking in some groups.

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  2. elPolako 007.5 says:

    Thanks Sorren for stating obvious. We are, as species moaners, I agree. Negativism is the name of game, people who have positive outlook are rare. The more we have, the less we care for others… sad facts. I am glad that in my community is person like you. Let’s make it better!

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  3. whiskymaiden says:

    Good reading, those negative type of people need to get a life

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Good reading, those self imposed pricks need to get themselves a life! It’s not all about them

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  5. Tom Schüller says:

    Could not agree more!!!

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  6. Archie says:

    Well said that man.

    It’s an unfriendly place sometimes ain’t it? The world has gone to shit.

    The whisky “fabric” as you called it should do what a fabric should, protect, support and weather storms.

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