Glendronach 1993 Cask 416 Batch 17


From the very first sip of a Glendronach 15 I had I was hooked, the sheer delight it gave me just made my senses dance and gave me a determination to get as much of this liquid as I could..

I know in theory I was spoiled as the 15 was closer to being an 18 year old or so but the flavours and aromas that escaped were just incredible and for those who think drinking whisky is all about the flavour then take a step back and get a reality check..

Its about Flavour, aroma, history, memories.. It’s about nature, the people past and present, it’s about now, yesterday, tomorrow and years gone by..

The Glendronach Distillery has been about since 1826, producing some of the best sherried whisky that is available to buy, they use some of the finest Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez Sherry butts in order to mature the liquid they produce which with its capacity of 1.4 million litres per year that enough to know what they are doing..

Equipment used to produce this liquid is a 3.7 ton cast iron mash tun, 9 larch washbacks, 2 sets of stills and has a fermentation period of between 60-90 hours.. Most of the spirit produced is unpeated but they do make around 150,000 litres of peated spirit to around 38ppm..


26 year old – 1993 – Cask 416

Distillery.. Glendronach

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 25 years

Vintage.. 1993

Abv.. 51.2%

Cask.. Oloroso Sherry Butt #416

Nose.. Dates, raisins and figs are abundant with marzipan, icing cherries, cinnamon, plum, orange rind..  O hell its a Christmas cake !! Just add a cigar, a chunk of chocolate and a little vanilla and you have this..

Palate.. As above, it’s just a mouth full of liquid Christmas cake and as much as I hate the term there’s no other way of describing it !!


Finish.. Fades into a spicy oak frenzy.

Thoughts.. Well this is going to be a love fest..

When you sit with a dram and smile while nodding your head you know it’s good !!

If a whisky can talk to you and take you on a journey ( no I’m not ready for the nut house !! ) then you know it’s good. 1993 just seems to be an absolute belting year for Glendronach, it Probably could be described as a perfect year in fact because just about everything coming out has been such quality..

I’m sure when Rachel walks around these warehouses she must think life is bloody perfect! Having casks like this must be a blenders dream.. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually makes excuses up just to go in and sample the odd cask and when it comes to these 93 Casks it’s probably just a case of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe that’s the cask now off we go..

Now for the negatives..

Sorry couldn’t think of any.. Look elsewhere.


This sample was provided by Glendronach.

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  1. ilovewhisky says:

    Yet another tantalising review, the words conjuring up an image of what it would taste like…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. whiskymaiden says:

    A lovely read once again Sorren, as you mention 1993 has been a very good year for The Glendronach!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Luke says:

    Glad you review this one as I think about buying if I find. Why? It my year of birth

    Liked by 2 people

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