Glengoyne 17 Year old That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Glengoyne Distillery is a little different to the normal distilleries in that the distillery actually sits in the Highland region of Scotland and while there’s nothing unusual about that the unusual part lies in the fact it sits right next to a road which once crossed you enter the Lowland’s and this is where Glengoyne’s Warehouses sit..

So in obvious terms the distillery produces the spirit in the highlands and the magic happens in the lowlands..

Founded in 1833 Glengoyne was originally licensed under the name of Burnfoot Distilleries, in 1876 the Distillery was sold to the Lang Brothers who re named the distillery Glenguin.

The distillery finally adopts the Glengoyne name in 1905.


That Boutique-y Whisky Company

The Independent bottling sector is once again thriving or so it seems, everywhere you look there is a new name trying to muscle itself into the mindset of the whisky buyer..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company although still a relatively new company is now considered as one of the main names on the info scene.

The funky labels that certainly bring many into the conversation of good versus bad, it seems it’s a real marmite topic of love or hate.. Im sure the main face or should I say beard of Boutiquey won’t have a problem with the marmite and if he did he always has the soldiers ready.. ( don’t worry if you don’t understand that bit )

If you do love them then you will know they stand out on the shelf, they offer a light hearted insight into what is in the bottle and can hold cryptic clues ( whoever came up with that idea is sadistic ) and if like me you are not overly good at the cryptic side then this can indeed occupy the whole evening..

Glengoyne 17 year old batch 1

Distillery.. Glengoyne

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 17 years

Abv.. 49.1%

Nose.. Dried fruits rise softly, freshly separated orange segments, and a little marmalade note offer some sweeter notes  while the fresh aroma of apple orchards, cherry tree blossom and honey can all be found..


Palate.. A fiery start with pepper and a little fresh ginger showing up before turning into a plum marmalade, cherry Bakewell and sticky toffee pudding kind of flavour. There is an old earthy feel with leather and espresso coffee notes eventually taking over.

Finish.. Spices mingle with a typical Oloroso dryness.

Thoughts.. I can confess I like a good sherried whisky and Glengoyne often delivers ( can you feel a but coming on ? ) well you would be wrong ! This offers a great insight into the Glengoyne style, it is a little more on the fiery side than a lot of expressions I’ve had and carries a lot more oak but it is definitely hitting the spot today..

In parts it does feel a little too oaky, mostly on the finish but it makes up for the odd shortfall in other ways..

The aroma and initial burst on the tongue are scrumptious and give a feel of well matured whisky..

This sample was kindly provided by That Boutiquey Whisky Company as part of the “ Dram Good Club” who’s intention is to spread the fine whisky far and wide..


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