Life is like a Mystery dram

Some time ago I was handed a sample from a friend, his only comment was “ sit down with this when you have a lot of time to think” I obviously asked what it was, he replied “ it doesn’t matter”


Time has passed and he hasn’t mentioned it since, I almost forgot about it until now.. Why now ? Well let’s just say now is the perfect time..

Holding this sample it’s bloody dark, just like life.

Pouring it into the glass and it’s almost like treacle, the aromas rising are amazing, I can’t wait to dive in.

As I bring this upwards the aromas are just incredible, I know it’s a sherried dram but have no idea what, there’s no hints here, it’s just a blind tasting just like life itself..

After spending around 50 mins just nosing this it suddenly hits me.. It’s not about the whisky, this is a little more.. Then I begin to contemplate his words, the whisky and life itself..

This whisky has a lot of imperfections, it’s  just like me, but don’t those imperfections make us what we are, some of the best whiskies and people are those with imperfections, flaws and just little annoying things that lurk beneath the exterior.

Just like this whisky we are drawn in with promises of the sublime, seduced so easily, then the haze descends and those imperfections start to show..

Take a sip and all the things we want come forward, but it’s the subtle things that lurk in the background that most of us don’t bother to explore, we don’t want to know about those, it’s too much like hard work, it’s easier to listen to the whispers that go around.


The preconceptions in life are just like those we have about whisky, we listen to others, we don’t often try to find out for ourselves what the truth is.. We hear the thoughts of others that have been twisted to their own truths and it’s like a laziness that then blankets our vision, we don’t ask the questions because we think we know the answer already..

Taking a second sip of this mystery dram and it offers up a rather surprising revelation, it’s nothing like what I expected,  it’s deeper than I initially thought, it’s complex, it’s definitely worth getting to know, the truths that lay beneath its guarded exterior.

Drinking whisky is like life itself, it’s a journey and all journeys eventually come to an end.. I often hear  “ you don’t know what’s going on until you make an effort to explore what’s beneath the surface “ and this is very true, life is like this whisky, preconceptions rule and sometimes we can’t alter them !!

The hard exterior shows off a confidence and nothing beyond that.. But dive in and find the the imperfections, understand the battles we face and we never seem the same again..

The demons inside haunt us every day..

I still don’t know what this whisky is, it’s old, it’s deep and it’s complex..

This journey has ended..

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  1. Timp says:

    Lovely words Sorren and you have touched a chord with me and others I know with this piece. Take care..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ilovewhisky says:

    This sounds so sad… just don’t let anyone get you down!! Life tries to trip us up, you win by keeping going.


  3. whiskyjane says:

    This is a sad read, you mention imperfections, did you know the Japanese have an art called Kintsugi, they repair broken pottery etc. with silver or gold to highlight the imperfections as they are beautiful.

    I do hope all is okay with you, maybe reach out to friends.

    Take care,



  4. whiskymaiden says:

    I found this rather sad Sorren, I hope all is ok.

    Liked by 2 people

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