Inchmoan 1992

Loch Lomond

The Loch Lomond Distillery was founded in 1965 and as suggested it is located within a stones throw of Loch Lomond…

The distillery is one of those places that just does not resemble any thoughts you might have on the initial look, this is a large industrial complex distillery that when you start to delve into the make up of the working parts it is just mind blowing..

If I tell you that the Distillery is totally self sufficient and that it’s one of only a handful of distilleries capable of producing both single malt and grain whiskies, but it does not stop there !! The distillery has a capacity to produce probably up to 50 styles of whisky when you take into consideration still types, yeast strains and different cask selections you would probably think I’m mad..

The official line is probably nearer the 13-15 styles mark but that is before we add the multiple variances.

This review is of course for only one style and possibly the easiest to explain too..


Inchmoan Vintage 1992

This 1992 Vintage was distilled using the straight neck stills at Loch Lomond, taken at the height strength of 83% Abv and with its 50ppm this is already promising to be something rather special..

Distillery.. Loch Lomond

Region.. Highlands

Vintage.. 1992

Abv.. 48.6%

Cask.. Re fill bourbon

Nose.. Initially this is subdued but once it starts to awaken there is a delicious red apple and cinnamon aroma that blends together with soft smoke, vanilla, Manuka  honey, peach and a little ginger lingering in the background.


Palate.. The peat stomps in a little stronger with a more earthy mouthfeel, apple peels, peach, pear, vanilla ice cream, toffee apples and a hint of chocolate.

Finish.. Earthy peat and fading fruits

Thoughts.. I really like this as if offers a rather subdued nose but the mouthfeel just offers so much more than you expect, the peat although still softer due to the long maturation just refuses to dispense..

With a loving, warming feel this liquid just softly massages the senses and leaves you with a happy feeling that you want from those special drams..

With thanks to Ibon from Loch Lomond for badgering me into getting some of this liquid.. As he says.. “It’s amazing” he ain’t telling porkies I’ll tell you !!

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