The English Triple Distilled

St Georges Distillery

Set in the tranquil countryside of Norfolk lies St George’s Distillery, founded back in October 2005 when planning permission was applied for which was granted in January 2006 the first English distillery for over 100 years was built.

James Nelstrop and son Andrew set up the distillery on the outskirts of Roundham, Norfolk, on land they owned and directly over the Breckland aquifer and in close proximity to the river Thet. In December of 2006 the first English spirit was filled into 29 barrels and history was made..

The distillery soon opened to the public with a visitor centre opening in August 2007 and today offers several types of tours including a basic tour where you learn about the production through to world whisky tastings and tailored tours.

Originally the whisky was batched and sold as chapters with each chapter being released in age order and peated / unpeated styles whereas todat there is a more standard release as well as small batch releases which todays review is concentrating upon.

Triple Distilled Small Batch

Distillery.. St George’s

Region.. Norfolk UK

Distilled.. June 2011

Bottled.. June 2019

Abv.. 46%

Outturn.. 1462

This triple distilled small batch is naturally coloured, NCF and is batch 01.

Nose.. Citrus aromas are the first to come forward with fresh fruits, floral scents and a soft sweetness coming from heather honey and caramel. A hint of freshly cut grass and drying Norfolk reed give this a delicate feel.

Palate.. Again a citrus note rushes in with a little bite and carries some sweetness, soft milk chocolate and delicate spices.

Finish.. Soft spices and citrus

Thoughts.. This is a soft, floral summer style dram that will certainly appeal to those who love the typical Lowland style whiskies produced in Scotland.

The delicate style works perfectly with the English spirit and has thankfully shown yet another style suited to the production methods. Dare i say it without offending the purist in me but not only will this be a perfect whisky to be enjoyed just as it is but i can see this being a perfect whisky for those summer days when a tall drink is in order ( i hear the screams ) A little real Lemonade of Ginger ale will work perfectly with this but please try it on its own first !!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hi Lawrence.
    English whisky has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.. Dont give up on it so easily !!


  2. Lawrence says:

    I have tried English whisky on a number of occasions and found it lacking and although I could imagine this being interesting I’m not sure if this will rectify that problem.

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