Speyside #3 8 Year Old That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Day 2..

You wait for a bus, none arrive and then 2 turn up at once..

What am I talking about ? Well sometimes when independent bottlers get their hands on some certain distilleries they just cant name them for legal reasons and although this is only a handful of distilleries it is still pretty rare but if you read yesterdays review (what do you mean NO !!) then you might just have picked up on the fact  yesterdays review didn’t name the distillery either..

Todays offering from the multi award winning bottler That Boutique-y Whisky Company is the second that falls into the category of unnamed distilleries in this series of reviews from their Christmas Advent Calendar.. There are more to come !

What I can say is that although they don’t actually name the distillery there are a few clues on the label ( They are good like that ) All the Boutique-y labels offer some clues to either the distillery or the liquid held within and although some can be picked up easily there are some real stinkers out there which can tie you up for days without you ever getting anywhere.. I have said it before and I shall repeat myself – I am sure there is a sadistic streak in someone at the company !!

Anyway there are clues upon the label and with this one its all about those Ghosts, Ill say no more though as you might want to work it out for yourself ( I shall put a clue further down )

8 Year Old Speyside #3 Batch 1

Distillery.. Not Disclosed

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 8 years

Abv.. 50.7%

Cask.. Refill Bourbon

Nose.. Lots of fruits burst out of this classic speysider along with vanilla, toffee, heather honey, apple pie with a sprinkling of cinnamon, dried grass (hay) along with some soft hints of spices..


Palate.. This starts with a nice bit oh heat from fresh ginger, pepper and a touch of lemon peel brings some bitter notes to help balance it out.. The sweetness comes from fresh fruits, toffee apples, pineapple and a hint of plum pudding.

Finish.. Hot with some delicate floral notes.

Thoughts.. Now although this distillery is well known its probably better known for the sherried style of whisky that they often release and not the bourbon style as this one is, the distillery was one that released under a vintage system before reverting to the more traditional age statements with the odd NAS thrown in.

The whisky is certainly worth looking at just to see how it differs from the usual Glenrothes releases as well as getting a feel for the real distillery profile that is better found in refill casks rather than the first fill of bourbon/ sherry/ wine matured whiskies as the wood is so much more gentle on the finished product and allows the initial flavours from the new make and production to have their say..

For an alternative view then check out The Dramble






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