Islay #3 13 Year Old That boutique-y Whisky Company

I sometimes sit and browse other blogs to see what they are up to and see what reviews they are putting forward and it often amuses me when I hear people moaning about some of us bloggers who try to post positive reviews and get accused of being “bought” by the sample chase and whatever freebies might be thrown our way.. Look through enough blogs and you soon see a pattern emerging, there are several blogs out there who have reviews complimenting the exact same drams as I have and when I give a less than positive review they also seem to agree ! Are we all wrong or corrupt ? or is it just personal..  This leads me to think its always down to our individual palates and when you find a blogger who’s palate is similar to yours then take note but remember there will still be times when you disagree..

I was chatting with someone recently about the barrage of negative reviews and constant sniping by a couple of bloggers and the fact they generally have nothing positive about to sat about whisky,  neither of us could understand why they wanted to bother writing about the subject at all,  I was then asked what is it about whisky that I like and my answer was simple..

Whisky is not just a drink, its a way of life, its friendships, its social, its private and most of all its enjoyable !!  Add all these together and you have to wonder why some people need to dissect it to such extremes in order to criticise,  Its a simple drink that is supposed to provoke memories, make memories, give some enjoyment.
It takes time to produce whisky just like friendships, it evolves over time and should give some amount of pleasure..

This simple liquid has evolved over hundreds of years and who are we to say that its good or bad ? we are the current generation of drinkers who are certainly allowed an opinion and everyone’s opinion should be respected, but there has to be a point where all the negativity has to come to an end, doesn’t there?

We live in an age of moaning and groaning about every little detail in life when really most of us should be looking around and realising just how lucky we are !!

From the whisky side of my life I find myself so lucky to be where I am and to have met the people I have and formed a kind of friendship with people within the industry, ok some cant stand the sight of me and that’s fine, I am not the easiest person to like, I say what I need to say, when I need to say it and that is the same philosophy I have with whisky, if I like it I will say and ill shout it from the rooftops, if I don’t then ill let you know but I will also give a sound reason and allow myself to think it might just be me that wrong and having an off day and not the liquid or bottle shape or company that I have the problem with..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

That leads me nicely into this company.. You may not like what they about, you may not like the style they have adopted and you may not like the labels but you should be able to find plenty in the range that excites you !! The whisky is sourced from all around the world and highlights the quality that other countries like India, Switzerland, South Africa and Ireland can offer that is certainly pushing the boundaries beyond where some of the producers are wanting to be.. The notion that Scotland is the only country capable of producing quality whisky is evaporating faster than the whisky fumes the angels are talking. That Boutique-y Whisky Company are one of the companies embracing that notion and if you have been following this years Advent Calendar reviews then you will hopefully already have noticed we have been on some journey already, and that journey continues today with a trip to Islay…

13 Year Old Islay #3 Batch 4

Distillery.. Unknown

Region .. Islay

Age.. 13 years

Abv.. 48.6%

Cask.. Ex Bourbon

Outturn.. 1479 Bottles

Bottler.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Nose.. Its Bonfire time again.. Wafts of smoke and damp wood smouldering on a dying bonfire, Smouldering heather, earthy undertones and somewhere underneath all this is a layer of fruits, vanilla and a little toffee.

Palate.. Its a mouthful of smoke and seaweed, add a little more smoke, a touch of burnt oak, throw in an ash tray, a couple of Cuban cigars, some cold coffee and a little fresh earth, liquidise it together and id imagine this would be the result..

Finish.. So long it outlasts Andrex ( younger readers might not understand that bit )

Thoughts.. It does exactly what its supposed to do.. its a peat monster, it’s Laphroaig and I don’t need to say anything more than that !!

For an alternative view go check out

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  1. thinkwhisky says:

    Nice one mate. You have to speak up about this kind of thing. Opinions are like arseholes, we all have them, not everyone wants to see them. I’m new to whisky. Most of what I try is good. If its not i will not bother again. Too many moaning bastards out there like. I’ve tried to get a couple to open up. They are more interested in mystery then honesty. I only read a few that i can trust now. and they are the bloggers who arent asking for money to maintain there site neither. Good times beat anything else.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Exactly.. In my opinion it’s few and far between.. not 4 out of every 5 is bad..


  3. ilovewhisky says:

    Good review again Sorren, and timely words.

    I have seen some blogs that just want to cause angst.

    It’s evident that there are some people who through their words are taking away the spirit of whisky. Should it not be a shared experience and one that builds memories and moments…?

    There are some people trying to MAKE themselves known (by being rude, obnoxious and too self opinionated) rather than being known for their writing and their passion for the experience, interwoven with honesty… this honesty for the whisky is apparent if you actually read what they write… that’s called diplomacy!! You don’t need to say it’s a load of of bollocks or whatever. Me, I’m less elaborate in my words if I don’t like something and sometimes I say it just doesn’t suit my palate. That doesn’t make it a bad whisky, it just means it doesn’t suit mine.

    Some love Marmite. I don’t.

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  4. Geoff says:

    I agree and I think the issue perhaps is that it is hard to actually find poor whisky these days!
    !There are some where the spirit isn’t well matured by the cask and some matured in a flash with virgin or first fill very active barrels but even these are just a matter of taste. I am old enough to remember bad whisky but in the past three years I can only think of two and over time one of these actually became quite nice!


  5. Nice review but a brilliant intro 👏

    Liked by 2 people

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