Tomatin 11 year old batch 4 That Boutique-y whisky Company


Founded in around 1897 when the first official distillery on this site was registered it is widely believed that whisky was produced on the site well before this date and possibly as far back as the early 1700’s..

Found just 18 miles south of Inverness the distillery lies on the eastern edge of the Monadhliath Mountains at 1000 feet above sea level. Boasting its own little village where around 80% of the workers still live, Tomatin distillery is not just a job but a way of life !!
Once regarded as the largest distillery in Scotland with a capacity to produce 12 million litres of alcohol per year from its 23 stills ( 12 wash stills and 11 spirit stills)
Today the distillery is producing around 2.5 million ltrs of alcohol with a small percentage being peated, there are 10 malt bins each holding 500 tons of barley which at the moment is 100% Scottish, again a Porteus mill is in operation which was installed in 1974 and can crush 8.2 tons of barley every 90 mins.. There are 12 wash backs all around 42,600 ltrs each and all stainless steel, 12 stills of which only 10 are used ( 6 wash stills and 4 spirit stills) the distillery runs on a 54 hour fermentation.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Some say Tomatin some say tomato either way its a fruit.. ERR nope its a bloody vegetable !! I know vegetables shouldn’t taste this good.. O wait we are on the tomato not Tomatin.. Ill start again.

Right now I have the nonsense out of the way ( blame Boutiquey ) id better explain myself.. Those clever people at TBWC headquaters insisted on using a tomato as the label theme and an explanation to the contents, so let me assure you the bottle is not full of tomatoes or anything else grown in the ground or on trees for that matter, it is in fact full of ( hopefully ) delicious whisky !!

Damn I am  beginning to sound and think like those lot at the boutiquey headquaters ( ive had too much contact with them i need to go to re-hab..

Batch 4 – 11 year old Tomatin

Distillery.. Tomatin

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 11 years

Abv.. 51%

Bottler.. That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Nose.. Quite a fruity start with a little floral note and lots of fresh apples, pear as well as a little dried fruit aroma, vanilla and toffee apples mingle with cinnamon. ginger and a little chocolate while a little oak rounds it all off

Palate.. With a rather oaky start this eventually turns into some sweetness and a little of the fruits suggested on the nose eventually get to show up, plenty of softer spices towards the latter..

Finish.. Oak and spice with a drying effect

Thoughts.. This is interesting, the nose shouts out typical Tomatin but the palate is oaky and so drying in the end which makes me wonder if there is either Virgin oak or Oloroso casks ( who’s betting I am totally wrong here ) I like Tomatin and this will grow on me, its not the instant hit I wanted but there is plenty in here to explore, this is so reminiscent of a cask of tomatin I have shares in, its almost there but at the same time there does feel like something is either missing or its just in need of a little nudge.. Still, its extremely interesting and will no doubt find a way of exciting me enough to buy a bottle for future reference.. Its going to be an expensive Christmas once again..




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