Hello 2020

Well we are in 2020 now and its already time to start thinking about reviews, trips and festivals..

Although its been a rather dry festive season I did enjoy reviewing and sampling ( yes in that order ) the 2019 version of the Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar and sharing my thoughts for what has now been the third year of doing so, I am already looking forward to the 2020 version..

So what can you expect from this blog in 2020 ? well much of the same really, I intend to continue trying to review 2 – 3 drams per week as trying to review daily for me is just too much as I don’t have a dozen writers like some blogs offer although I am still juggling the idea of having guests or even a permanent spot for someone else on the review panel..

2020 already has a few quests in store for me as I try to get to Bruichladdich and the fabled Island of Islay, Ireland also calls my name and especially the Waterford distillery who still continue to try find the answer to the Terroir debate.. Yes I mentioned Terroir and its still only the 1st day of the new year ( well that’s one promise gone out the window )

I have a list of people id like to get onto the ” A day in the life” list and the need to take it to the unseen people is certainly an avenue I want to explore..

The site will also remain unsponsored with no affiliate links, and totally unbiased, positive and hopefully a place that you can find some sort of useful information, if that fails then I will add more photos..

The giveaways will continue to those who subscribe and hopefully there will be a few more full bottles rather than mostly samples.. To those who have received things then don’t despair as the slate is cleared and you might win again..

For those of you who attend the festivals then I really hope to see you again soon, my first festival is fast approaching with a trip to Harrow on the 10th, 11th January with the Bloggers table and I will have some rather tasty offerings so if you are free then drop by..  More info HERE

So all I have left to say is I wish you all the very best for 2020, thank you all for the support in 2019 and lets enjoy the journey together.. Slainte..



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thank you Geordie.. The support is greatly appreciated.. More drams, more reviews and a little controversy thrown in for good measure ..


  2. Geordie Moski says:

    Here’s to a grand 2020 and not too many pictures! As always a great read Sorren! 👍

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