Deanston 18

I recently spoke about whisky being a simple drink and how it was made to be drunk by as I said back then ” simple people” and by that I mean people who are normal, people who want to just sip a drink for its simplicity and not for the bullshit elitism that surrounds whisky these days..

Over the years I have drunk my fair share of different whiskies and seen my attitude towards it change immensely, my knowledge of it has increased and in my older years I have forgotten more than I remember but every time I take a sip I still smile, I still learn something new and I certainly still enjoy what is in my glass..

When I poured a dram from todays bottle, the words on the bottle leaped out at me and I always say “look for a sign”, “there are signs everywhere”,  this review was written on the cards because of my recent article about simplicity and here we have in bold letters the word “SIMPLE”  its there, its a sign…


Located within an old cotton mill, the Deanston distillery with its industrial look and cold brick walls actually has something magical about the place and its not just the whisky flowing from the stills !!

There is no whitewashed walls that scream Distillery, no glaring pagoda style chimneys with smoke billowing out, no its bland, its cold looking and its beautiful all at the same time.. Walk through the doors and its like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, magical things happen within, its even got its own Willy Wonka but we know him as “Chunky”..  Sorry Stephen..

The doors are not painted red, instead Blue is the colour of choice, warehouses can be  found upstairs instead of ground level, strange roof styles are used but this is from the buildings former life.. As you walk round there is a strange eerie feeling of being watched ( well Ed who accompanied me for the visit is a little dodgy ! ) The feeling of going back in time, back to a period where the building was alive with voices, workers and machinery all churning out a crescendo of noise.

There is a busyness that makes you feel like you have not got enough time even though the pace is gentle, its almost like it is lost in time, yes that’s it, its lost in time, and it drags you in silence to that era..

Deanston 18 – Review

Distillery.. Deanston

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 18 years

Abv.. 46.3%

Casks.. American Oak – First fill Kentucky American Oak

Nose.. Vanilla guides you into caramel, toffee and a succulent rich honey  aroma that makes you want to dive straight in. Wait a moment and the scents from a bowl full of fresh fruits start to develop with a soft coconut and chocolate note slowly winding in and out..

Palate.. Spices greet you along with fresh apple peel, candied orange and a little tropical element that softens the bitterness from a little citrus balances things out nicely. Gingerbread and warm bread freshly baked brings the smile back..

Finish.. Lingering spices

Thoughts.. Simple I hear you shout.. Well its simply delicious !!

Deanston whisky is not about status, its not about collecting, its not even about image.. It is however about Great whisky made to be drunk and enjoyed !!

Enough said……….



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