Highland Park Valfather

Valfather – Highland Park

Its that time again when we get to try something new from Highland Park..

Valfather is the final chapter in the Viking Legend series and from the rumblings this is said to be the most peatiest !! Matured in re fill sherry butts in order to calm down and balance out the flavours and aromas this whisky takes it name from the Norse god Odin..

Highland Park have of late received quite a lot of criticism due to the amount of releases they continue to churn out, the endless comparisons to the Norse Mythology and an increasing price tag to boot.

But lets try to push that aside for one minute and concentrate on the whisky alone, after all is that not the whole point ?

Distillery.. Highland Park

Region.. Highlands ( Orkney )

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 47%

Casks.. Re fill sherry

Series.. Viking Legend

Nose.. My initial thoughts were this is like walking through a fruit orchard with the fresh scents of fruits maturing on the trees, damp grass beneath your feet, the odd apple fallen and half eaten by the wildlife, a distant dying bonfire that is dampened down with the dew, the soft smoke gently rising and floating on the fresh damp air. The nearby farm house has a pot of coffee brewing and fresh apple pie baking in the oven.

Palate.. The fruits mix with a slightly more robust peaty / earthy note while the gentle smoke brings a little manuka honey, burnt toffee and chocolate flavours. A hint of dried tobacco notes mingle with plum and a citrus bitterness that flows interestingly into pine note..

Finish.. Spices and smoke fade away far too quickly

Thoughts.. I find it interesting to read ” This is the most Peatiest” as for me the peat feels no stronger than many of the other expressions, it is shy on the nose and although it does appear with a little more oomph on the palate it is still no peat monster..

The flavours do feel well balanced if somewhat average, it is enjoyable whisky that might not / will not set the world on fire but it will delight the Highland Park fan base..

Add to that the £55 price tag for a 47% offering and it then becomes a little harder to tear into this whisky, I am sure someone will but it wont be me..

Its worth a punt and I am sure it wont disappoint.

It can be found HERE



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  1. ilovewhisky says:

    Nice review 🙂


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Only the finest of course.. Pot is full

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  3. Agree with the comment on the price point too.

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  4. Good notes – fancy myself a cup of that coffee from the farm now too 😉

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