Oloroso Select Cask – Paul John

Paul John Distillery

There is a special affinity to the great Indian malt here at the ocdwhisky offices, from the very first moment I tried it I knew it was quality and I am still impressed every time I sit down with a dram..

Located on the southwest coast of India, in the region of Goa, the distillery enjoys rather a lot of that Indian sunshine and with the coast not so far away you can see why the sheer mention of Goa and whisky brings a warm feeling without even needing to actually drink the liquid..

Instant images of flowing sandy beaches, wooden beach huts with palm covered roofs, shabby huts serving cocktails besides the deepest blue oceans, and of course the odd bottle of Paul John whisky perched perfectly besides your beach towel while you soak in those sun rays… Damn I am almost there…

The distillery itself has undergone a few alterations over the last few years with production doubling and the recent opening of a brand new visitor centre to host the many adoring fans of this great Indian single malt whisky..

Paul John Oloroso Finished select Cask

Two new expressions have joined the core range from Paul John, the Oloroso and Px finished single malt whiskies will now sit beside the awesome Classic select and Peated select expressions.. Both the new releases are matured in Bourbon casks for an initial 5 years before receiving a finishing period of 2 years in long term seasoned sherry casks..

Distillery.. Paul John

Region.. Goa – India

Age.. Nas ( approx 7 years )

Abv.. 48%

Cask.. Bourbon – Oloroso cask finish

Rrp.. £74.99

Nose.. Soft spices and coffee notes lead you nicely into dried fruits and chocolate orange aromas.. A slight almond aroma develops on the back of old leather, dunnage warehouse and aniseed scents with a soft manuka honey and blackcurrant marmalade aroma..

Palate.. Oak and spices slowly disperse into dates, plums and bitter chocolate notes with burnt sugar, coffee, black forest gateau and glacier cherries all trying to balance out that initial burst..

Finish.. Drying and spicy

Thoughts.. There is a nice softness to this and with that you get the feeling this is well put together and has been well thought about.

The nose certainly draws you in before the palate just explodes with those big flavours which inturn lead you nicely into a lingering finish that insists you take another sip.. I can see this whisky being a long standing addition to my go to bottle collection..

From the two new releases it is hard to pick a favourite as they both offer up so much and the flavour profiles are a world apart, the sweetness the Px cask offers you will appeal to the masses but this Oloroso finish just offers up a little more complexity in my opinion.

There is a little more bite to this Oloroso too, the spices come alive and give you more to think about, more to keep you contemplating on while the Px is certainly a bottle of smiles and happy moments you just get the feeling this is more refined..

You can find the PX review HERE



3 Comments Add yours

  1. ilovewhisky says:

    I’ve tried the Oloroso Single cask before and that reminds me I need to open it at some point.

    They’ve had some great releases… really love the #1906… could be a new shelf wars!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. archiesdram says:

    Just read your article, sounds really enticing. I’ve tried a couple of their releases before now.

    Liked by 2 people

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