Glenfiddich Select Cask


What can I say about Glenfiddich that has not been said a thousand times ? Founded by William Grant in 1886, building of the distillery was completed in 1887 and the first spirit flowed Christmas day 1887..

The output from this distillery has a maximum of 13.7 million litres of alcohol per year but with an upgrade in process it could soon be producing around 20 million litres per year.  No matter what you personally think of the liquid it still remains one of the best selling single malts whiskies around the world ! Ask anyone on the streets to name a whisky and the majority will mention Glenfiddich..

Located in the heart of Speyside and sitting next to its sister distilleries ( Balvenie and Kinnivie ) the distillery is a must visit for any whisky fan and although it is very much set up as a visitor attraction these days, you still get that feeling of excitement when approaching.

The pristine look is a far cry from those typical working distillery visits at the majority of distilleries, but its Glenfiddich !

Glenfiddich was the first single malt whisky I tried and even today it is still a go to dram for those evenings I just fancy something simple, or to re acquaint myself with my whisky beginnings..  There is something special about the memories of that first malt you try or when you start to appreciate whisky in its purist form. We all sit and talk about what it was that first pulled on the heart strings, the flavours, the aromas that go on to form a love affair that no matter what others say, they just cant be severed..

I remember buying my first bottle of Glenfiddich Pure Malt, it possibly cost about £15 and I just loved it.. It tasted raw and untamed compared to other typical entry level bottles like Glenmorangie or Talisker, it wasn’t long before I bought a second and even a third, alas they were the days when whisky was simply a drink to enjoy !! Yes I know it is still the same today but looking back it has evolved, we have evolved and I certainly know I have evolved as a whisky drinker since those early days !

I may have moved on since those early days and although the pure malt has become harder to find there is the 12 year old but I have to admit my favourite these days is the classy 15 year old, with its solera system make up there is plenty of things going on and all I can say to those who disrespect these long term core ranges be it Glenfiddich or some other company.. Shame on you !!


Select Cask – Glenfiddich

Distillery.. Glenfiddich

Region.. Speyside

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 40%

Cask.. European Oak, ex Bourbon and Red Wine casks

Travel Retail..

Nose.. Subtle notes of dates, raisins, and chocolate are soon overtaken with caramel, vanilla, orange rind and those typical Apple and soft pear notes.

Palate.. Spices dominate the initial thoughts with those dates, raisins and soft plum notes eventually pushing through.. The vanilla and caramel show up with some chocolate and candied orange notes, a little heather honey, apple and cinder toffee also get a look in..

Finish.. Sweet with a spicy twist but far too short.

Thoughts.. The abv lets this down just a little, it could be great but instead its simply ok.. I cant remember the price and I prob wont remember this after a while which is a shame as I really do enjoy Glenfiddich but like I said, this is just ok..

There is nothing really wrong with it, its not pretentious,  its a malt that in my opinion is perfect for lets say “Poker night ” or the ” Girls night in ” You know the type, you pour a drink, you drink it without thinking too much about what you are drinking because its not about the drink, its about everything else and you don’t need a distraction..



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