Mackmyra Svensk Rok


As I sit down with this dram we are in the middle of a storm,  so a little Svensk Rok or Swedish smoke seems rather fitting, (Just set the scene )a warm log fire, big woollen jumpers and warm socks, dram in hand..

The Mackmyra smokey editions take on the aromas of peat cut and dried in Sweden and then a few Juniper twigs are added which I assume will also add a little aroma somewhere down the line.

Juniper has long been used in Swedish cooking in order to add both aroma and flavour to some of the traditional foods, it is obviously also used in the production of Gin, so for the distillery team this seemed rather natural to add to the whisky production process in some form or other..

Svensk Rok – Mackmyra

Distillery.. Mackmyra

Region.. Sweden

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 46.1%

Casks.. American oak, Swedish Oak, ex-bourbon and casks saturated with Oloroso. Cask sizes from 30-128 litres

Nose.. The soft ashy smoke brings in a gentle citrus peel note, digestive biscuits, fresh apple blossom, apple peel, an earthy note develops along with honey and vanilla.

Palate.. The smoke, ash and spices are certainly more evident on the palate, some fresh fruits and a little pineapple, chocolate and a touch of fresh cut grass lead into the juniper, but its quite subtle and could easily be overlooked. A little citrus peel bitterness balances it out and with the addition of a little oak on the finish its rather interesting

Finish.. Spice, Oak and a little smoke

Thoughts.. Its not often you get a peated whisky quite as subtle as this but when you do its rather interesting.. The smoke is almost an afterthought, its not until you swallow that you really notice its effect, its always hanging around but without overpowering the subtle flavours which really do get the opportunity to shine.. A rather delicious Swedish single Malt..

Don’t like Peat ?   Try this !!

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