Just Give Me A Reason

With the current situation, the world seems to be imploding, its gone somewhat apocalyptic out there and I have to wonder what the hell is going on in some peoples head..

There is a virus spreading around the world and I am not talking about Covid 19 !! its the greed virus or as I like to call it.. Sod you pal I’m ok virus..

We see first hand all the empty shelves in the supermarkets and just today I witnessed the elderly being pushed out of the way in order for some bloke to get a pack of potatoes from the pile, its not even the last bag but he had to have it… And today I was ashamed to be a part of the human race..

All the toilet paper is gone, its probably for those who needed all the food, its certainly not for the virus..

Even people raiding the food bank boxes set up inside the shops..

With all that I do wonder why we bother, humanity is doomed, there’s no good left in the world…

But wait..

There is a small ray of hope, look around the communities and there are little stories emerging, ok the cynic in me thinks that some are staged but they cant all be !

So what can we all do ? Social media is full of people trying to give a little hope to people, well it is if we ignore all the other crap..

The whisky world is beginning to group together, little messages, videos and offers to help are out there, you just have to look. i noticed today someone who i know to have health problems just talking when someone else offered to drive out to them to get anything they needed, its little things like this that gives us hope.

So the point to this is simple, if you can help someone out, then please do so, its not about scoring points, there is a real enemy out there and its a killer, old people need some help, the vulnerable need our help and most of all its not a crime to ask for help, its even less a crime to offer it !!

Please be aware there are others who need the simple things in life like loo roll, food, and just a few kind words..

Please and thank you seem to have been affected by the virus too..

Some people need to sit down and take a good look at themselves, I think they might just be ashamed if they did.. Well I hope they would be..

We all need to stick together in these dark times, show some compassion and use some common sense..

People are loosing their jobs.

People are loosing their homes.

People are loosing their lives…


Just give us a reason to believe once again…


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  1. scottysdrams says:

    hehehehe. You should see what I’m up to. I’ve decided to cross the video barrier for my facebook page…Firmly tongue in cheek…. I’ll maybe post a link on twitter once I finish.

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  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Hope it is only a cold.. Stay safe, and don’t forget if you need a laugh then the blog is free to read lol


  3. scottysdrams says:

    That’s right – things are starting to settle down now lockdown is in place. I have a cold, but could equally be something more sinister, so I am staying in as I have enough to last me a week at least. But people need to calm down – we’ve got food now, and I’ve heard that this is the first day toilet rolls have appeared. We will know more in three weeks what is going to happen

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  4. sorrenkrebs says:

    As things change so does the way we need to look at things, any travel now is not advised unless its work related.. What I have found is the large shops are bare, the small butchers, bakers, grocery stores all seem to have plenty at the moment because the greedy people think food is only found in supermarkets.. There is enough food if people stay calm and buy only what they need..


  5. scottysdrams says:

    Sorry. I totally disagree with you. These people are totally welcome when times are good but take a look at what’s happening in Lombardy. Same is going to happen here. We have a really low infection rate at the moment and these locusts coming up here are just putting too much pressure. I’ve made a 90 mile round trip to look for bread or at least flour to make my own – nothing.

    The government has been quite specific- no unnecessary travel. This is to limit the spread. Our healthcare system is very spread out over an area that takes up a third of Scotland’s land mass, and it’s barely adequate for the population here.

    Why should we suffer for the ignorant?

    Your flippant comment really underestimated the situation.

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  6. sorrenkrebs says:

    You are never subtle…. LOL


  7. Smeds says:

    Shameful. Human nature, eh? – naturally racist. Campervans! It’s a double edged sword. They (the people driving them and their occupants) put money into the local economy in the good times but put a strain on the local health care system on the times of pandemic. Go and be ill in your own back yard, but bring your cash back into our community when I can buy toilet roll and pasta again. Selfish? Perspective, people!! There’s no BEST place to sit this shit out, it’s everywhere, so just forgive people who find themselves in your locale and make the best if it, as if we’re all decent human beings. Let’s all just calm down. Sit tight, don’t panic, have faith and we’ll all come out the other side without embarrassing ourselves/selling our souls for a packet of couscous. Slanjeevaurus🥃


  8. sorrenkrebs says:

    I traveled to Norfolk last week and apart from doing what I needed to do I spent the time isolated, bought enough food to last and then left.. I returned, visited the local shop and behold, chaos..

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Timely words…

    We appear to be living in a time of greed and profiteering, I’m shaking my head at humanity too. Yet amongst the sadness and fear that this virus is creating, there is hope.

    That hope is shown by those who have offered a helping hand and a listening ear to those that needs it. Those who have elderly neighbours and relatives who are now facing months of isolation, we must all keep an eye out on them. We need to support one another however we are able to. From just simply being there for others, to practical help if possible.

    Stop stripping the shelves, share what you have if you have plenty. People can feel utterly lost at losing their jobs, but they must have faith that it will come good. The only way is up!!

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  10. scottysdrams says:

    A problem we are seeing in Badenoch and Strathspey is that people are taking their campervans up and staying in the area. This has the potential to needlessly make more pressure on our limited healthcare, and more importantly our shops cannot take the pressure of these people taking extra supplies. The locals are struggling.

    Perhaps they can just stay at home and enjoy their whisky at home and in isolation, and leave us here to get on with our lives without the chances of an imported virus carrier. Only 6 cases in the Highlands so far and we’d like to keep it this low as long as possible.

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