Glentauchers 10 Year Old – Great Drams

When you are told you have to stay home and not venture out, don’t go to work unless you really have to, it suddenly dawns on you how precious life and freedom actually is..

Over the last few weeks I have been able or maybe I have had to still work is a better description, although looking back on that I actually consider myself very lucky that I am still able to venture out for work at least.. My family are all front line workers in that my wife is NHS and daughter Police, both still go to work every day and risk their health in order to help others, and that alone makes me wonder and look back on things a little differently these days, even whisky falls into that category, I know I am always positive in my reviews unless absolutely necessary but when you take for granted whisky will always be here for us, its just like life itself, it can easily be taken away without notice..

The distilleries are still working in most cases, some producing whisky others producing much needed hand sanitizer for our front line workers and those who are at risk.

So, as I sit down to do this review, I find myself just thinking a little differently about what I have in front of me so please forgive me if I go a little left field..

Glentauchers 10

So todays offering is a single cask from Great Drams, and for those of you who are thinking ” Who ” Great drams is the whisky child of Greg Dillon.. Still saying ” Who” well in his own words..

Greg Dillon, a passionate brand, innovation and marketing consultant. My background is within the world of brand strategy, having started my career at Reuters before joining Bloomberg and finally moving agency side to work with some of the most compelling brains in the marketing world to develop and hone my brand-building craft and which would set me on the path that would lead to setting up my own consulting firm, GreatDrams Consulting.

Greg set up an independent bottling service to both service his passion for single malts and bring quality products to the whisky lovers like you and I..

Todays single cask is a 10 year old from the Glentauchers distillery, located in Speyside and founded in 1897 by James Buchanan and W P Lowrie.

Today the distillery falls under the Chivas Brothers umbrella and although the liquid is much loved by the whisky community, it is only under the indie labels that you will find this nectar.. Most of the whisky produced at the Glentauchers distillery does unfortunately go into blends, namely Ballentine’s but that’s life..

Distillery.. Glentauchers

Region.. Speyside

Age.. 10 years

Distilled.. 29th June 2009

Bottled.. September 2019

Abv.. 48.2%

Cask.. Ex Bourbon Barrel

Outturn.. 203 bottles

Natural Colour


Nose.. This reminds me of those early mornings, just as the sun is starting to rise, fresh fruits starting to ripen on the trees, damp grass under foot and birds singing.. Its full of fresh, floral, fruity scents, a freshly brewed cup of coffee sits on the wooden gate, a digestive biscuit resting besides and the world just feels so quiet in its natural state..

Palate.. As you take a sip, a fresh lemon aroma rises gently as you bring the glass closer and you instantly taste the sharpness of lemon peel, it soon turns into a gentler lemon drizzle cake with a hint of honey, some malty undertones take you a little further into your own little world..

Finish.. Gentle spices resonate and fresh fruits linger

Thoughts.. Lockdown has never been thrust upon us like it is right now but it is easy to find a release when you have delicious whisky like this.. Pour a glass, sit back and just watch the clouds go by, what else have you got to do ?

Find it HERE..  




2 Comments Add yours

  1. scottysdrams says:

    Glentauchers is a distillery I pass often on account of the A95 being on one side and the Aberdeen – Inverness railway line being right behind the distillery. However, despite owning a couple of bottles of the Allied Distillers release, I’d never tasted it. Well, until a month ago I had a go at the G&M 1996 Distillery label. I was very impressed. I’ll have to compare my notes to yours. It’s about 3 weeks before my review gets published.

    Good read yet again by the way!


  2. ilovewhisky says:

    Lovely and thought provoking review again Sorren.

    You’re completely right when you say we’ve not had a lockdown like this thrust upon us before…but we do cope, and there’s nothing better than a good whisky and some cloud watching to boot!

    Hope you and your family stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

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