The Whisky Circus

The Whisky Circus Is In Town

The whisky Circus is in Town..
Just about everyone will be wondering what the hell am I talking about.. An idea turned into reality.. There’s a saying ” What happens in the whisky circus should never be discussed outside the whisky circus ” not because its top secret or a little dodgy ( well, it probably is rather dodgy judging on this group but that’s for you to decide ) no, the whole point of the whisky circus is to get people talking about their passion, Whisky, and those involved are pure Geeks in the politest sense possible..
I gathered the geekiest of geeks, to talk whisky, why ? It was purely on the back of this worldwide lock down due to the Covid 19 virus, a way of keeping our passion alive.. Industry people, Ambassadors and whisky drinkers from around the world are invited to just sit back and talk..
Here is one of our sessions for your enjoyment.. But be warned, you will need coffee or even a large dram..

All opinions expressed within the chat are those of  the individuals and not that of any company represented..

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