Bedouin tents and spice markets

I have had so many conversations over “opinions” when it comes to whisky, argued over tasting notes and thought processes for over elaborate notes and what is and isn’t important..

The only thing I can say to those who disagree with me is FINE.. My opinion and style is my own, it isn’t written as fact and it is there only as a guide to anyone who reads it.

My tasting notes can get a little over the top at times, especially when the whisky is good enough to take me on a journey.. Just like the one i am drinking right now !!

A whisky, if allowed should lead you places, just let it take over your thought process, allow it to help you relax, de-stress and just take away the day to day shit we all have to put up with..

Todays review in theory does not matter what the whisky is, it does not matter how old it is and it certainly does not need a full explanation as to the history, what it does need however is about 2-3 hours of my time, peace and quiet and a little imagination..

Sit back and let me take you on my journey..

I poured this whisky and as i did the aromas just drifted upwards towards the heavens, almost as if it was to awaken the angels themselves. I instantly knew this was one of those drams that i need to spend a little time with, little did i know just how much time would pass and how much i needed these moments right now..

I swirled the glass and just sat back and watched as the beads gathered up so slowly, gently running down the side of the glass and time itself just seemed to slow down to the pace of these beads, the aromas still enticing me to dive in but i was mesmerised by the way these droplets of whisky just wanted to take their time to slowly wind their way down the glass and join the rest of the liquid,like i said time itself was waiting for them.

Sitting back in my armchair i gently raised the glass upwards, the aromas were already hitting my sesnses, my thoughts were drifting away to some unknown land and to that place we all go when we just need to be alone, no stress or noise, just calm..

Dates, raisins, plum and figs were all there, i could very easily have been in an oasis, surrounded by sand, lush trees laden with fruit, Bedouin tents and nomadic tribes going about their day to day life, little to no stress other than feeding their livestock.. Spices rise through these aromas too, just like walking through the spice markets of the middle east, tables and bowls laden with freshly ground wares and the sellers haggling for every last penny they can get in order to feed the dozen hungry mouths waiting back home..

Chocolate is the next aroma to hit the senses, rich, dark chocolate, the very kind that offers a bitter taste, but you just cant seem to stop eating it, almost as if it were a drug that you were addicted too.. Nuts, yes nuts, that’s the next scent, great big whalnuts, but the scent is unmistakable, this is so reminiscent to this distillery, i am just awaiting the citrus scents and the list is fulfilled..

All I want to do now is sip, the anticipation is almost killing me but I know the wait is almost over, the glass is raised, the first beads of alcohol touches the lips and as I take a little more the flavours just explode, pepper heat and those dried fruits just take over, ground ginger, baked apple pie and toffee sauce take you to a relaxing place..

As the memory of those sips begin to fade away, the realisation of real life begin to slowly take their place, the stress of life floods back in like a runaway train and life gets back to normal.. But a tranquil existence is always only a sip away..




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  1. Elle says:

    Enjoyed reading your little journey. Just perfect for today. Thank you for taking the time to write these. A wonderful read.


  2. sorrenkrebs says:

    Thank you ..,

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  3. whiskyjane says:


    I’ve seen you touch on this before, the fact that there is negativity in what you do, or the way you do it.

    Could this be jealousy?

    I’ve been popping in and out of your blog for several months now and admit that I gravitate towards your thoughts and the way you express your likes and dislikes in a level headed concise way, but also by being a story teller. Why not express your feelings as you did here? What have others done to allow them to have an opinion of you?

    This is your blog, and judging by the views its had, you have an audience who appreciate what you do. Continue with whatever feels right, that’s the best thing you can do. Let what is in your glass in that moment guide you.

    Goodness me, I’ve gone on a bit.


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  4. ilovewhisky says:

    Perfect… and bravo!!


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