Heaven Hill 10 Year Old 2009 (cask #152724) – The Single Cask

Heaven Hill

Founded in 1935 and originally known as the “Old Heavenhill Springs” distillery, it was 5 brothers from the Shapiro family and a group of investors that were behind the founding of this new distillery, founded shortly after Prohibition ended in Bardstown, Kentucky and in a time of depression and great hardship in the country it was seen by many as a bold move..

Barrel number 1 was filled December 13th, 1935 and production continued until 1942 when due to the war the Government shut down the distillery in order to produce alcohol for the war effort.

On September 30th, 1955 the distillery filled cask #500,000, 6 short years later on July 21st, barrel number 1,000,000 was filled.

March 24th 1976 sees barrel number #2,000,000 with barrel #2,500,000 filled June 18 1982.

Barrel #3,000,000 is filled February 18th 1988 with the milestone #3,500,000 being reached on September 7th 1993.

Barrel #4000,000 was filled January 13th 1998  and 20 years later in 2018 the landmark had reached 8 million barrels filled..

Today Heaven Hill is now the biggest Independently, family owned and operated distilled spirits supplier in the country and is the 6th largest producer within the USA.

The company also boasts to be the second largest holder of maturing bourbon stocks in the world with a reported 1.5 million barrels held within its warehouses.

Today names such as Elijah Craig, Evan Williams and Rittenhouse all come under the Heaven Hill umbrella.


The Single Cask

Independent bottlers “ The single cask” were set up by founder Ben Curtis in 2010, a few years later Ben opened the first Bar officially connected to the brand in Singapore, apply named “ The single cask “ where lovers of whisky can find a vast array of single malts from the range as well as many more offerings both official and independent bottlers.

The idea behind the brand is to bottle some of the finest single casks available as well as run a host of independent whisky bars, on top of this they also offer the chance of buying a cask of matured / maturing whisky or freshly filled casks of new make spirit..


Heaven Hill 2009, 10 year old American Whiskey

Distillery.. Heaven Hill

Region.. Kentucky

Age.. 10 years

Vintage.. 2009

Abv.. 62.5%

Distilled.. May 2009

Bottled.. June 2019

Cask.. #152724

Bottler.. The Single Cask

Outturn.. 130 Bottles

Nose.. Rich Vanilla descends into dried fruits, Butterkist popcorn, cinder toffee, spices, ginger biscuits dunked in strong black coffee and dark chocolate.. A rich aroma balanced out with the spices offers up a really inviting set of scents.

Palate.. Those spices give a nice kick before the dried fruits and vanilla sweetness balance it out, candied orange and plum jam delight the senses before a little coffee bitterness re awakens the senses..

Finish.. Spicy and drying

Thoughts.. Bourbon and American whiskey was always something i shied away from due to the sweetness but as my palate develops and my  needs change i have found myself becoming more and more intrigued and fascinated by the liquid produced across the pond..

Those sweet notes that once put me off now pull me in and the aromas just make me salivate and yearn to dive in, and just the same as single casks of whisky these single casks of American whiskey / Bourbons really do offer some very interesting releases and insights into the American liquid..

If you want to learn more about The Single Cask then look HERE..  


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