The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No3

Nestled away in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District hide’s the Lakes Distillery, sitting besides the the rolling mountains and the peaceful Derwent waters this distillery quietly gets on with doing things the right way..

Starting with the signature blended whisky that helped bridge the wait that inevitably comes with a new distillery, mature whisky is finally here..

We are now on the 3rd general release of the Whisky Makers Reserve and from my experience of the first two then i am excited to dive into the 3rd..

Matured in the finest ( is there any other type ? ) Px, Oloroso, Cream Sherry and Red wine casks derived from both American and French oak this release promises to have plenty of flavour and just a little  je ne sais quoi … 


No3 – The Whiskymaker’s Reserve

Distillery.. The Lakes

Region.. The Lake District UK

Age.. NAS

Abv.. 54%

Casks.. PX, Oloroso, Cream Sherry and Red Wine.

Nose.. A little softer than I expected but those dried fruits and summer berries are very inviting, red liquorice, and chocolate infused with ginger is so very enticing.

Palate.. There is a real sweetness to this liquid. An instant hit of dates, figs, plum and Turkish delight makes the mouth water before chocolate, coffee and a little tobacco note lead into some citrus bitterness, honey and a touch of Orange marmalade for just a little extra sweetness..

Finish.. Drying with pleasing spices..

Thoughts.. I have nothing negative to say about this release, in fact I absolutely love it.. In actual fact I can feel myself smiling and just thinking ” This is how to make whisky “No gimmicks” just let the whisky speak for itself and it will be welcomed with open arms..

In fact at £63 this is already in the basket.. Buy HERE..  

The English whisky scene is buzzing right now and it’s strength is quality liquid being produced, just like this one.. With something like 27 distilleries in England now laying down English whisky how can you not feel a sense of pride..

Sample received from The Lakes Distillery.. As always this is written as my opinion and my opinion alone..



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