The Whisky World Teams Up With GlenAllachie Distillery for an Exclusive Single Cask Whisky

Press Release


The Whisky World Teams Up With GlenAllachie Distillery for an Exclusive Single Cask Whisky



An accomplished collaboration between the upmarket online store and award-winning Scottish malt distillery, the unique GlenAllachie Single Cask Whisky selected by The Whisky World was released on the 15th June 2020.


Exclusively available at The Whisky World, the GlenAllachie Single Cask Whisky will appeal to whisky fans of all calibre, and especially those who appreciate heavily sherried whisky.


Distilled in April 2000 and bottled close to two decades later in March 2020, this aromatic liquid promises an intense taste due to its almost twenty years investment in the maturation process. The cask type for this GlenAllachie whisky is a first-fill Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry Hogshead; bottled at a natural cask strength of 52.5%.


Prior to its maturation in PX Hogshead cask, the whisky was aged in an ASB (American Standard Barrel/Refill Bourbon) which it had been in since distillation. This cask was amongst the first batches that Master Distiller at GlenAllachie Billy Walker re-racked into Sherry wood on purchase of the distillery in 2017, so the finish in the first fill PX Hogshead was for a minimum of 2 years. As standard, most casks are only finished between 12 and 18 months, so this process combined with the excellent selection of casks by Billy Walker himself is the reason it has an excellent sherry finish and depth of colour.


The official tasting notes for this exquisite whisky, as noted by Billy Walker, are as follows;


Colour – Rich Mahogany


Nose – Vanilla Pods, Mocha, Pineapple and Plantains


Taste – Lashings of butterscotch, dark chocolate and treacle, with orange zest, almonds and cinnamon.


A well established and highly respected distillery with over 100 years experience between its dedicated and knowledgeable team, GlenAllachie is a powerhouse in the spirits industry. Achieving worldwide recognition for their handpicked casks and bottles, such as the recent Gold award in the World Whiskies Awards for the GlenAllachie Core Range in 2019, and extending their reach to the USA, the distillery is forging the way ahead to create a formidable legacy.


The Whisky World has been leading the range of superior whiskies and spirits online and in-store since 2006. Offering exclusive collections of rare and collectable whiskies, firm favourite liqueurs and exotic alcoholic drink options for its dedicated clients, The Whisky World is delighted to be collaborating with the GlenAllachie distillery on this exclusive release for Summer 2020.

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