Rock Island Sherry Edition Launched

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Rock Island Sherry Edition Launched Ahead of National Oyster Day

Whisky Distiller Douglas Laing & Co, today unveils Rock Island Sherry, a limited edition partner to their coreaward-winning Rock Island Malt Scotch Whisky.

This exciting new release from Rock Island is a marriage of Single Cask Single Malts from Scotland’s Whisky Islands including Islay, Arran, Jura and Orkney. The Whisky spent the final stages of its long maturation in specially selected Spanish Sherry butts. The resulting spirit is said to capture the essence of Scotland’s Whisky islands with an earthy, sweetly-peated style balanced by a spicy, sherried warmth at its core. Bottled at 46.8% alcohol strength, the limited edition maritime Malt is proudly offered without colouring or chill-filtration ensuring the Whisky is “as natural as it gets”. 

Rock Island Whisky is said to be the perfect accompaniment to fresh seafood so it is no coincidence that the launch of Rock Island Sherry Edition coincides with National Oyster Day, a global celebration of the delicacy held annually on 5th August. 

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky at Douglas Laing & Co.comments: “Rock Island Sherry Edition exemplifies the impact exceptional Sherry butts can have on a peated, oceanic style of Whisky – when spicy sweet meets maritime peat. We are delighted with the end result – it’s a phenomenal Whisky and a wonderful dram to pair with some shellfish this National Oyster Day!”.

Rock Island Sherry Edition is available from specialist Whisky retailers globally. It is expected to retail at £45.99.

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  1. Looking forward to try this one!

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