Millstone 4 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Zuidam Distillers

Founded in 1975 the by Fred van Zuidam, the distillery is one of the last remaining independent distilleries in the Netherlands that still makes Liqueurs, Gins and of course Whisky..

The whisky is released under the Millstone label and within the core range comes a variance of ages and cask maturations ranging from the 5yo through to PX and Oloroso finishes..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company

They have only gone and brought us another whisky NOT made in Scotland.. The purists will be outside the office doors expecting blood…

The only thing that resembles normal from Boutique-y is the quality that they keep churning out.. Is churning the right word, maybe not but you know what i mean.. Boutique-y always represents a quality in my mind that some other indies just don’t seem to be able to match, its not often i am not blown away with the releases and if i am a little disappointed its probably more about me than the actual liquid..

With well over 160 different labels representing over 160 different blends, whiskies, bourbons and distilleries there’s no doubting the fact That Boutique-y Whisky Company is now holding its own spot in the indie bottlers sector..


4 year old Millstone – TBWC

Distillery.. Zuidam

Region.. Netherlands

Age.. 4 years

Abv.. 49%

Batch.. 3

Outturn.. 1925 bottles

Nose.. An abundance of fresh and dried fruits greet the senses before citrus peels, gentle spices and a lovely hint of warm apple pie with cinnamon sprinkled all over that flaky pastry..

Palate.. Wood spices and a little citrus bitterness clear the way for some sticky toffee pudding, lemon drizzle cake and orange infused chocolate.. A gentle hint of dried tobacco leaf emerges on the back of freshly made coffee, Manuka honey and ginger biscuits..

Finish.. Spicy and dark with a twist of lemon..

Thoughts.. Another perfect example that age does not matter in the grand scheme of things.. 4 years old and its packed with flavour and aromas that seduce you into your happy place..

Sometimes the anticipation does outweigh the eventuality but in this case the reality was far greater than I expected, everything just fell into place and only makes for me wanting a lot more of this..

Sample provided by That Boutique-y Whisky Company





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