Simplicity is never obtainable

Do you ever just sit back with a dram and just drink away the night ? I expect most of you will probably have answered yes to that question but the problem I have when you regularly review the whiskies in your glass is not been able to distinguish those drams for review and those that are supposed to be for pure enjoyment..

I often pour a dram and find myself analysing it straight away, it becomes frustrating at times but it also keeps me on my toes.. Anyway today I find myself pouring a dram after another interesting day at work, long days in the farming industry can be very normal and the outside world seems to be a vague memory sometimes, it generally slaps the cheeks every now and again just to remind you its there, but the absence is very noticeable at times..

This is where a familiar dram can really help, but again the temptation to really explore every scent, sip and texture becomes inevitable, those familiar traits all us whisky fans have, you know, the moment you find yourself checking out the colour, the legs strolling down the glass, the body, texture and the inevitable first sip that just sends the senses into overdrive, the way the dram has the capability to draw you in, the seduction, the games it plays and the pure exhilaration you get when you understand what its secrets are..

Todays dram is one of those very drams, its seductive powers just draw me in as soon as I pop the cork, the aromas remind me of the first encounter, the preconception I had as to where this journey would lead me, would it be a dram that could never get boring or would it be one of those that promise the world and yet give you nothing..

The aromas fill my head with such scents and promises that could surely never deliver but you still just want to dive in without trying to strip it down, you tell yourself its easier to just sip, don’t try to understand it but its impossible, it already has that grip on you, it already knows you cant let it go, not until you know all its secrets.. There goes the self preservation thing..

So I seem to be back at square one, I still cant just pour, drink and walk away.. This dram is just too alluring, I find solace in its scents, the palate just whispers to me as it sits on the lips and that is just too damn hard to ignore..

Whats the dram.. Does it really matter ? We all have one like this, the intention should be to just enjoy it while it lasts but the reality is always so very different to this..

And that’s why Simplicity is never obtainable..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Perfect reply

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  2. scottysdrams says:

    I had similar with Daftmill Winter 2006. I wanted so badly to see what the fuss was about; I didn’t want to miss a thing. When I eventually got round to tasting it, the result was “meh”. The next couple of glasses the same.

    It wasn’t until much later when the bottle was half empty and I was distracted by the telly that I had a dram while not thinking about it. By the end of the glass, I had truly got Daftmill.

    It is NEVER simple just switching off.

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