The Gathering – SMWS

Press Release

It’s been tough to gather with loved ones this year, but nothing can stop us from celebrating our amazing membership, whether we can travel in person or not. We’ll be celebrating all things Society at The Gathering from 31 August, with a week-long programme of physical and digital events, tastings and festivals happening all across the globe.

Our main event is a Virtual Tasting streamed live from our spiritual home, The Vaults on 6th September and we want as many members as possible to get involved. All you need to take part is our limited-edition Discovery Pack, including five exclusive Gathering bottlings. You can join in on your own, or why not organise your own gathering at home and take part with your friends? This is a Society occasion that you won’t want to miss, so grab your pack now before they disappear.

26.145 Mood-lifting sanctuary

35.259 Rumtopf, birnenbrot and stollen

7.243 Twinning

10.195 Shiver me timbers

53.332 Storm-tossed kelp on an Islay beach

Packs can be obtained from

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