Legent Bourbon – East meets West

Its Bourbon but not as we know it !!

I do sit here and wonder just how many experiments don’t ever see the light of day when it comes to the whisky world, experiments like this Legent Bourbon are certainly ones that we need to see more off, although i am guessing this sort of thing will rattle a few cages within the snobbish halls..

This Legent Bourbon is the brainchild of legendary Bourbon maker / master Distiller Fred Noe , initially matured as Kentucky straight Bourbon in Virgin American Oak casks, some of the liquid is then transferred into Sherry and red wine casks in order to give an added complexity..

This is then where an added twist happens, Shinji Fukuyo, the master blender for Suntory takes the liquid and performs his magic as no other can do.. Perfectly balanced and full of complexity this bourbon was created to a flavour profile that could both showcase the bourbon created from the Noe family portfolio and the skill of the master blender to bring East and West together in perfect harmony..

Giving this Bourbon the Japanese twist was never going to be easy and understanding the different style of whiskey was where Shinji Fukuyo had to start..

Now with all that said its time to look at the liquid..

Legent Bourbon

Distillery.. Jim Beam

Region.. Kentucky, USA

Age.. Nas

Abv.. 47%

Cask.. Virgin American Oak – Sherry Casks – Californian Red Wine

Nose.. Vanilla leads the way before stepping aside to allow caramel flavoured popcorn, chocolate, candied orange and an influx of spices, dried tobacco and summer fruits to stomp all over your senses..

Palate.. This is where the magic happens for me.. The flavours are so intense and just showcase how different Bourbon can be.. Vanilla is again prominent with caramel and butterscotch giving plenty of sweetness, this is soon followed by chocolate and orange marmalade notes, chocolate and dried fruits slowly give this extra layers before those rye spices takes control..

Finish.. Spicy and delicious..

Thoughts.. I have taken some time to start to appreciate Bourbon, had i tried this years ago then i would have probably been drinking bourbon more often, this is bloody delicious and just sets my senses on fire, it hits the spot and either i am easily pleased or this is just what i have been looking for..

This expression can be found HERE..

So how did i come across this.. Well funny you ask… This was presented to me thanks to a new concept launched by Master of Malt, i say new, it is to them anyway..

Pour and Sip is a new subscription service, like so many others it is aimed at giving the customer the opportunity to try new whiskies at a fraction of a full bottle price..

“Each month, customers receive a selection of five different 30ml measures, curated by Pour & Sip’s expert buyers and writers. Powered by Master of Malt, the passionate in-house team offers years of experience in the whisky industry, with Pour & Sip an outlet to share their expertise.”

Once you have your pack, there is then a monthly live show to take you through the drams ( I understand this might be twice monthly to split the drams ) Now although this current format is probably aimed more towards the beginner / newer person to whisky there is still room for the more seasoned drinker to get involved.. What would be good is if they maybe did a two tear style system for those who want a slightly higher level of drams..

For more info check out the website.. https://pourandsip.com/

Disclosure.. There are NO affiliate links in this review, links have been added out of good faith…

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