Just a little hope is all we need

Just when you think its safe to go back into the world we get Lockdown 2.. Its as if 2020 just wants to kick the last little bit of sanity out of us.

Looking around at the people i chat with on a regular basis i can see a lot of them beginning to struggle, life is hard enough without this little extra kick in the teeth, even the strongest of minds are starting to show cracks, little bits of silence that are deafening, calls for help that fall on deaf ears, smiles that are forced and the obligatory ” Hows things ” that is always followed with ” ye i’m good” whilst within you are actually shouting ” just get me of this rollercoaster of a ride, i cant handle it anymore”…

I am seeing the saddening stories of how peoples lives have been drastically altered, how the constant struggle of lockdown life is sucking the very air out of our breath, how its unfair that we are dictated to, told what we can and cant do, told that our freedom isn’t actually real and we have to protect others at the very time we are thinking what about me..

When will it all end ?

What we have to believe is that all this is going to be worth it, we have to hold onto the hope  that we will come out of this stronger, more together, more united and our compassion for others will rise up.. The reality is more like the selfishness will soon take control again, we will be compassionate for a while but slowly the human traits will revert back to what is a more normal setting.

If you do manage to look around,  there are small pockets of hope, people are coming together in small groups, groups of people that become friends, albeit virtual, this in its self then becomes a support bubble, a bubble where we can sometimes just be ourselves, a small piece of reality hiding within a dark beast.

The whisky world has many of these little bubbles, people just committing to helping us all get through these dark days and even darker nights, the endless tunnel with no light at the end.. The drinks companies are hosting many virtual tastings, special evenings of guests chatting and even some virtual festivals, and whilst they may not be anything like the real thing they can still offer us all an outlet, somewhere where we can almost feel normal..

I often sit in my office and just wonder why do we do it, why do we put up with all the struggles life decides to throw at us, why, why why….. Well its simple, we do it because we can, we do it because its in our nature, its in our DNA, we are survivors, we are stubborn, we are fighters and we will all get through this together, as one !!

Anyway, this isnt supposed to be a doom and gloom piece although its easier these days to go down that route. No this is actually a review of sorts,  a review that actually came out of the blue, one that presented itself at a point where the darkness was overtaking the light at a phenomenal rate.

Its getting to that time of year when we normally start to look forward to some happiness, some festive merriment, and the inevitable dram or more, yes you guessed it, its coming up to Christmas.

My Christmas usually means working, cooking, family get togethers and reviewing whisky on a daily rate, i cant really complain with some of that routine but this year its actually taking on a different meaning, it is almost showing me that in these times of hardship and struggles for so many that we really just want to still have just a little piece of normality..

This year is supposed to be the year i get to sit down with my loved ones, my new grandson and celebrate but its running out of time to deliver those promises.


That said a  few weeks ago i was given the opportunity to once again showcase this years That Boutique-y Whisky Advent Calendar on the blog, now this came at a time when you start to think Christmas might be very different this year, money is tighter, most are worrying if Christmas will even be possible and maybe just maybe this Christmas will be more like a Christmas that resembles the true meaning and spirit of this celebration,  we dont even know if we will spend it with those who we want to be surrounded by, those who we should be with at Christmas, those we know will be many miles away, out of reach and even spending Christmas alone..

But for me this years Calendar actually offers much more than just the excitement of opening those little windows and gazing upon the perfectly sized drams hiding behind, it offers some hope, it offers normality and it offers a tiny escape from this hell we are living within. So if you are buying a calendar this year then please just enjoy it that little bit more by just remembering life isnt over until we give up, these little bundles of joy are just a small reason to have some hope of a normal life, we have something precious so hold onto that as tight as you can. Don’t give up just yet, together we will get through this, just search for that little thing that gives you something to look forward to, take a hold of it and don’t let go….

If you want an Advent Calendar this year then take a gander HERE.. 

With special thanks to That Boutique-y Whisky Company for this official Advent Calendar.

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