A compass Box Christmas

Christmas is coming so here are a few ideas from those very nice people over at Compass Box..

Juveniles – A collaborative whisky project inspired by the great friendship between Compass Box and Juveniles Bistrot à Vins in Paris. This release has one of his bells in the punt of the bottle, ready to give a jingle every time you pour. 

Tasting Profile: Barley Sugar, Pear Drops and Vanilla.

RRP £89.95 ABV 46% Available from The Whisky Exchange

Peat Monster Arcana – Created to celebrate Compass Box Whisky’s 20th Anniversary, Peat Monster Arcana explores the effect of maturing peated whisky in toasted French oak casks.

Tasting Profile: Chocolate and Cinnamon, Fruity and Dry

RRP £74.95 ABV 46% Available from The Whisky Exchange

 Hedonism – The first whisky created by Compass Box in 2000. It’s something special for both the collector and the new whisky enthusiast.

Tasting Profile: Vanilla Cream, Toffee and Coconut

RRP £57.45 ABV 43% Available from Master of Malt

 The Spice Tree – Its rich, bold flavours make it great for after-dinner sipping, as an accompaniment to cheese, chocolate or spice cakes.

Tasting Profile: Clove, Ginger and Fruity Maltiness

RRP: £43.70 ABV 46% Available from Master of Malt

Compass Box Signature Malt Whisky Collection – This gift box is the perfect introduction to the craftsmanship of Compass Box. An immaculate and compact collection, it provides an introduction to Compass Box’s core malt whisky range with three very different styles.

Included: 3 x 50ml The Story of The Spaniard, The Spice Tree, The Peat Monster

RRP £26.00 Available from Harvey Nichols

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