Longmorn 11 Year Old 2009 – Strictly Limited – Càrn Mòr

The Longmorn Distillery Company was founded in 1893 by John Duff, Charles Shirres and George Thomson. John Duff was the former manager of the Glendronach Distillery and the Bon Accord Distillery in Aberdeen, he was also the founder of the Glenlossie Distillery.

Longmorn Distillery started its production in December of 1894. with its sister distillery ( Benriach) being built just a few years later, both were affected by the collapse of wholesale buyers Pattison, Elder and Co. in 1898. It was down to the Benriach distillery in part that the Longmorn distillery survived. Duff was ruined by the collapse, and Longmorn Distilleries Company Ltd passed through a variety of ownerships.

In 1970, the Longmorn distillery joined with The Glenlivet and Glen Grant distilleries to form The Glenlivet Distillers Ltd. This was bought by Chivas Brothers in 1978.

Longmorn 11 Year Old 2009 - Strictly Limited (Càrn Mòr)

Carn Mor

With over five generations of experience in spirits behind the Morrison family its no wonder they have returned to be involved in the whisky business. Their predecessors were known for skills including grocers, brokers and of course blenders, bottlers and distillers, making them one of Scotland’s oldest whisky families.

Carn Mor is our range of rare and utterly unique independent bottlings. As each release is strictly limited in batches. Once its gone, its gone! 

Carn Mor releases whisky as it should be by bottling outstanding whisky in the way that many of the distilleries cannot due to restrictions. Our small, limited bottlings shall express the unique differences of each batch rather than trying to aim for consistency. Our whisky will be as close to drinking from the cask as possible. 

11 Year Old Longmorn 2009

Distillery.. Longmorn

Region.. Speyside

Distilled.. 2009

Bottled 2020

Age.. 11 years

Abv.. 47.5%

Casks.. First fill Bourbon

Nose.. Werther’s original sweets meets soft vanilla fudge eaten next to freshly cut grass and a slice of lemon drizzle cake sits patiently on a plate beside you just enticing you to eat it.. A delicate hint of freshly peeled orange segments, pineapple chunks and milk chocolate also seduce the nostrils.

Palate.. Pineapple upside cake with vanilla custard, cinnamon and a dash of ginger root offers some spice. Gentle hints of oak along with some lemon peel bitterness, cooking apples and soft poached pears give this a very elegant mouthfeel.

Finish.. Spices battle with softer fruits for dominance.. The spices win !!

Thoughts.. Has there ever been a bad Longmorn ?

This expression is right up there with the good ones, the softness of those floral notes just enhance the fruity side before the typical spices begin to dominate.. Don’t think that the fruity side becomes lost though, it stays evident throughout and as expected allows the spice to have its moments all the time poking out to keep you interested..

A very good, easy drinking, typical Longmorn that should be appreciated..

With Thanks to Carn Mor for this official sample.

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  1. scottysdrams says:

    Did you know John Duff also founded the BenRiach distillery? There used to be an extensive railway spur from the Speyside line to Benriach, Longmorn and Glenlossie too. I wonder how much was pushed for and funded by Duff?

    Great review as always.

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