Young Spirits unveils new whisky to support conservation charity

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Young Spirits unveils new whisky to support conservation charity


Boutique bottling and spirits business, Young Spirits has launched its first single cask whisky,Uhuru, which is Swahili for freedom. They have partnered with leading conservation charity, Tusk, to support their efforts to protect African wildlife including African elephants, with 10% of the purchase price (£42.99) being donated to the organisation.


Co-founder, John Ferguson fell in love with Kenya as a child and spent many summers there soaking up the beauty of the country, as well as being surrounded by its incredible wildlife. From this early age he formed a special attachment with Africa and in particular its majestic elephants. However, his wildlife companions have become increasingly at risk of extinction from issues including habitat loss and the illegal ivory trade. This led to John’s vision to create Uhuru as a new spirits brand with a charitable and ethical difference, offering exceptional liquid and founded upon strong philanthropic values. 


The first single cask release selected for the Uhuru range is a 10-year-old blended malt Scotch whisky from Ailsa Bay Distillery. It was chosen as an ideal introduction to malt for newcomers to the spirit, with its enticing fragrance of light smoke and cinnamon, entwined with caramelised almonds creating a gentle, soft honeyed experience on the palate.


Commenting on the launch of Uhuru, Young Spirits co-founder, John Ferguson said: “This is very much a passion project for us as team, we share a deep concern over the extinction of elephants and other animals in Africa, as well as the deterioration of the environment. We feel everyone has a responsibility to contribute towards positive change of the environment globally and we have chosen Tusk as our partner to support that change.


“As with everything we do in the drinks sector, we want to bring fresh thinking and challenge the traditional approaches of the past and this is just a starting point. We hope to evolve Uhuru and over time extend our charitable product lines.”


Tusk chief executive, Charlie Mayhew MBE believes that, “The passion and enthusiasm John and the team have injected into creating Uhuru is testament to not just their conservation beliefs, but their ambition to bring fresh thinking and innovation to the whisky sector. We’re convinced this striking packaging coupled with its cause will be a big hit among consumers as they seek to source ethical and environmental gifts this Christmas.” 


Uhuru can be purchased for RRP £42.99 for 70cl bottle/55% ABV via our Shop[]

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