Bimber Distillery reveals Re-charred single casks

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Bimber Distillery reveals Re-charred single casks 


  • Concluding release of 2020 marks the end of highly successful first year for London craft distillery For Immediate Release
London’s award winning Bimber Distillery today announced the upcoming release of three single cask single malt whiskies drawn from the distillery’s remaining stock of re-charred oak casks. 

Three exceptional casks from Bimber’s small inventory of hand-charred casks were reserved during the creation of the distillery’s popular maiden Small Batch release in October 2019. Following an additional year of maturation, these casks are now being made available as cask strength, single cask expressions.  

The three new releases will be available to purchase directly from Bimber’s website from Thursday 10th December. They are limited to one bottle per person and priced at £85. 

The casks were hand charred by Bimber’s on-site coopers to level #4 char – also known as ‘alligator char’. This deep charring process caramelises the wood sugars, promotes greater interaction between the spirit and the oak and adds a layer of filtering carbon to the internal surfaces of the barrel.  


The influence of this intense char has imparted incredible richness and distinctively sweet notes into these single malt whiskies. All of which perfectly marry with Bimber’s fruit-forward, spice-led house style. 


Speaking of the upcoming release, Bimber spokesperson Matt McKay said: “We’re delighted to end what has been a tremendous year for Bimber with these very special single cask whiskies. The Small Batch edition of our Re-charred Oak Casks released last Autumn was a first taste of our single malt for many whisky lovers. Over the months since, we’ve received many requests to produce more of this popular expression – and so we’re now truly excited to unveil these three single cask editions.  


He added: “It has been a challenging year for everyone involved in the industry and so we’re eternally grateful for all the support that the whisky community has shown us. We’re very eager to see how the growing cohort of Bimber fans react to these final releases of 2020.”   

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