Strathmill 21 Year Old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Strathmill is one of three distilleries within the Moray town of Keith at the heart of “Malt Whisky Country”. Unlike Keith’s other two distilleries of Strathisla and Glen Keith, however, Strathmill is not owned by Chivas (part of the Pernod Ricard group) but since 1997 by Diageo who operate it for the production of blends such as J&B whisky.

The site had originally been home to a corn mill, established by A. G. Johnstone as Strathisla Mills in 1823, but following a boom in the whisky industry between 1890 and 1899 it was converted into a distillery in 1891. Some of the buildings therefore date to before its whisky production days. It was during this era of high demand that some thirty other distilleries were constructed in the area.

It was in 1895 when gin producers W. & A. Gilbey bought the distillery that the name was changed from Glenisla-Glenlivet to its current name of Strathmill, the name deriving from the Gaelic word ‘Strath’ meaning “shallow valley” and “mill” relating to its former use.

Production equipment consists of two wash stills, two spirit stills and seven warehouses on site; five traditional dunnage warehouses and two racked warehouses.

Strathmill 21 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

BATCH 6, 21 Year old Strathmill

Distillery.. Strathmill

Age.. 21 years

Abv.. 47.7%

Outturn.. 401 Bottles

Nose.. Honey blossom and warm lemon drizzle cake, lemon slices and honey nut cornflakes.. Freshly stewed apples, pineapple and toffee..

Palate.. Malty undertones lead into an inviting fruit tart kind of flavour, cinnamon buns, candied orange and chocolate digestive biscuits..

Finish.. Soft spices and a little fruit

Thoughts.. This is an easy sipping whisky that although very delightful it just feels like it had something missing.. On another day it might be perfect, then again it might not..

Take a look at THE DRAMBLE for an alternative view..

Sample taken from the 2020 That Boutique-y Whisky Advent Calendar..

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