Reservoir Distillery 2 Year Old, That Boutique-y Bourbon Company

Whisky/whiskey or Bourbon always has that power to make dreams happen. It is something born from an instant, a moment when ideas can become reality and todays review is about a Bourbon that was born from a moment..

Let me set the scene.. A College football game but not as most of us know it, yes i am talking American football for which College football can be extremely important, it a community thing, a respect thing where when you support your college it becomes a life long thing. Your roots can be laid down here and your life defined from moments, just like the idea for the Reservoir distillery was..

Two friends, sitting drinking Bourbon whilst attending a Virginia Tech football game in 2008 suddenly had the idea that they could themselves build a brand of Bourbon. The where was probably the easiest decision as both founding members and friends Jay Carpenter and David Cuttino had deep roots that were firmly planted in Virginia..

The decisions were made and the brand was born, Reservoir distilling would create small batch Bourbons made in 3 styles, firstly the Rye whiskey which would be made with 100% Rye, Secondly the Wheat whiskey which would also only have 100% wheat in the make up and then thirdly this Bourbon which is made up from 100% corn..

All the expressions are then matured within casks of no more than 10 gallons, and a charring level of number 5.

Reservoir Distillery 2 Year Old (That Boutique-y Bourbon Company)

Batch 1 – Reservoir distilling Bourbon

Distillery.. Reservoir

Region.. Richmond, Virginia USA

Age.. 2 years

Abv.. 46.6%

Batch.. batch 1

Outturn.. 963 Bottles

Nose.. Corn on the cob smothered in butter hits first before waffles with maple syrup, summer fruits and a sprinkle of cinnamon just for extra pleasure. Add to this some sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce, chocolate buttons, notes of cedar wood, furniture polish and Glace cherries.

Palate.. An instant kick of oak tannins lead into soft spices and a delicious sweetness from the corn. A very noticeable caramel popcorn flavour develops with an underlying floral note, a slightly astringent flavour develops into spices.

Finish.. Spices mingle with sweetness

Thoughts.. If you are one of the people like myself who have stayed away from bourbon because of those typical supermarket releases then this is what you need to give you that kick up the arse.. This is what Bourbon is about, this is what you need to try before dismissing it..

A very tasty, young bourbon that showcases the category perfectly.. Well done Boutique-y for finding this little gem.. Delicious.

Review done from a sample from the 2020 That Boutique-y Whiskey Advent Calendar..

As always if you want another view then please head over to THE DRAMBLE.

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