Bunnahabhain 10 Year Old, That Boutique-y Whisky Company


The island of Islay is iconic with whisky drinkers all over the word, mostly for the big bold peaty whisky that splits the whisky community  faster than marmite ever could.. Luckily there are a couple of distilleries that produce whisky the Non peated way.

Founded back in ( in theory) 1779 when William Robertson of Robertson and Baxter Blending House joined forces with the Greenlees Brothers to create the Islay Distillery Company. Bunnahabhain came into reality in 1833 when the Distillery was built on a site close to the Margdale river.

In 1930 the distillery closed it doors with the whole of Europe feeling the effects from the war, luckily though just 7 years later the distillery re-opened and production started up once again.

Now under the Distell umbrella the distillery has a capacity to produce around 2.7 million litres of alcohol per year which is split between peated and unpeated spirit.

Batch 22 – Bunnahabhain 10 year old

Distillery.. Bunnahabhain

Region.. Islay

Age.. 10 years

Abv.. 50.1%

Batch.. 22

Nose.. This starts off a little subdued before allowing Stewed apples boiling on the stove with a sprinkle of cinnamon a few raisins and a dollop of vanilla essence. Add to that some chocolate, a handful of walnuts, lemon rind and a loose selection of tobacco leaf.

Palate.. There is an underlying sweetness to this but you have to battle through the spices to find it.. Ginger and cinnamon are easy to locate with some oak tannins, burnt toffee and chocolate. Summer berries and a hint of candied oranges bring forward a nice balance

Finish.. its all about the spices

Thoughts.. Batch 22 shows you that Boutique-y have managed to get quite a few casks of Bunnahabhain over the years and the variance in casks is very interesting. I have had some of the big explosive sherry bombs they have released and along with some superb Bourbon casks the choice can be interesting to say the least.. This cask however offers a little more, its not overly dominant and has some interesting subtle notes..

This review is taken from the 2020 That Boutique-y Whisky Advent Calendar.

As always Matt over at the Dramble will be offering his thoughts, find them HERE..

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