Speyside No4, 24 Year Old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Well what do we have here.. Tis another secret distillery from Speyside, the 4th in-fact.. What are those guys over at Boutiquey doing to us..

Ok so lets try to take a look at the label for clues, hmmm it looks like someone ( similar to Boutiquey Dave ) is being presented a Banjo.. Well that helps loads..

Batch 1, 24 year old Speyside #4

Distillery.. One in Speyside

Region.. id assume Speyside

Age.. 24 years

Abv.. 47.8%

Nose.. Toffee, fudge and vanilla cheese cake give a delicious start before a soft freshly cut barley note starts to engulf soft fruits like apples, pears and subtle banana notes.. After a while there is a slight change towards a more dried fruit note with spices starting to develop, a teasing dried tobacco leaf aroma mixes with chocolate.. Intriguing

Palate.. The spices are certainly more bold on the palate with Cinnamon, ginger and a gentle peppery note leading into toffee apples, poached pear and fudge, loads of fudge.. Bounty bars blend into Manuka honey which in turn mingles into a very delicate ashy/earthy note.

Finish.. Warming spices with hints of sugary sweetness

Thoughts.. This is a rather interesting whisky..

There is an elegance within but it almost feels like it is still trying to work out what it wants.. It seems to have a real mood swing, one minute its full on, it gives you everything and then it becomes subdued, almost as if you don’t really exist, it closes the doors and pulls all those flavours deep deep within.

You feel the importance of the aromas and flavours it offers when it allows and just when you start to think you are getting somewhere it then just closes its doors to make you work a little harder, that in its self is frustrating as you are already under its spell from the moment the lid comes off.

At 24 years this offers little help to identify the distillery for me but it does offer an exceptionally complex, deep and well balanced whisky that i need in my life..

Sample taken from the 2020 That Boutique-y Whisky Advent Calendar..

I cant wait to see what Matt over at THE DRAMBLE thought about this one..

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