Glencadam 15 Year Old


Founded in 1825 by George Cooper the distillery sits within the boundaries of Brechin, and today is the only distillery located in the county of Angus. Just a few years after founding the distillery George Cooper sells to David Scott who runs the distillery for the next 10 years before selling.

The distillery is sold again in 1852 to Alexander Thompson who in 1857 forms the Glencadam Distillery Company.

After changing hands again the distillery is mothballed during both the world wars, the warehouses during this period were actually used for housing troops. The distillery is then sold to Hiram Walker in 1954 who run the distillery until 2000 when the distillery fell silent once again.

Angus Dundee Distillers buys Glencadam on the 1st June 2003 and begins operations once again, the first release in December of 2005 was infact the 15 year old, this was then re packaged in 2009 and recieved a slight increase in Abv and became NCF.

Glencadam 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

15 Year Old Glencadam

Distillery.. Glencadam

Region.. Highlands

Age.. 15 years

Abv.. 46%

Nose.. This starts off with a very inviting fruit forward aroma incorporating fresh apple peels, soft pear and some delicious lemon drizzle cake sweetness, add some maltiness and a dash of honey, bounty bars, wurthers original sweets and a sprinkle of cinnamon and you are about there.

Palate.. Soft spices introduce the tangy lemon peels that certainly give this a very fresh feel, honey, freshly peeled apples, peach and banana mingle whilst custard creams dunked in coffee bring a more balanced feel.

Finish.. Soft spices play with a delicate sweetness

Thoughts.. It is not hard to understand why the blenders are keen to get this whisky into their hands, its gentle side has to be a blenders dream. I can only imagine how easy this whisky will be to marry with several others to give a delightful extra dimension.

As for drinking this a single malt then i can only wonder how the hell I have been so oblivious to it for so long, the gentle feel and soft flavours certainly play perfectly into my palate and to say this went down just a little too easy is an understatement !!

That said.. I do think this whisky will be very much more suited to spring / summer and even into Autumn when you want those softer notes and a little more of an easy going dram, but dont do as i have and overlook this distillery..

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