Tennessee Rye Whisky 4 Year Old, That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Here we go again.. Some mysterious distillery over the pond from Kentucky..

That Boutique-y Whisky Company, O wait, this is from That Boutique-y Rye Company, my bad.. Well, its from Boutique-y so ill just stick at that for now.

Anyhow they have managed to get some Rye Whisky and yes its whisky not whiskey ! first hint, then we also know this is made by using the Charcoal filtering system using Maple wood, hmm second hint.. So just who in the Dickel made this whisky…

So if we assume this is Dickel whisky who or what exactly is Dickel whisky ?

George A. Dickel was born in Germany on February 2nd 1818 and emigrated to the USA in 1844. He became an established merchant in Nashville before entering the whisky business in 1861.

George always claimed he preferred whisky made in the cooler months of winter as he believed this made his whisky smoother, and as he sold his whisky under the heading “Mellow as Moonlight” after being chilled down before going through the charcoal which became known as the Lincoln County Process..

Tennessee Rye Whisky 4 Year Old (That Boutique-y Rye Company)

Batch 3 – 4 Year old Tennessee Rye Whisky

Distillery.. Possibly The Cascade Hollow Distillery

Region.. Lawrenceburg Kentucky ( Possibly )

Age.. 4 years

Abv.. 45%

Style.. Rye Whisky

Batch.. 3

Outturn.. 331 Bottles

Nose.. Softer than i expected with gentle spices rising on the back of stewed fruits and gentle hints of honey, jaffa cakes and a delicate scent of pine needles.. A little dark chocolate surfaces with a dusty dunnage warehouse aroma.

Palate.. Boom.. There’s the heat and rye spiciness that i expected.. The spices burst into life on the palate with Ginger and cinnamon being very prominent, a little white pepper and a soft methanol note buries itself within. Stewed fruits and chocolate become evident along with a little orange peel, pineapple and a delicate ripe banana note manages to surface.

Finish.. Its all about the spices baby..

Thoughts.. This is a real Jekyll and Hyde story, the nose is rather delicate whilst the palate is full on rye whisky.. I f Rye whisky is your thing then this is definitely worth a try but if you cant get on with the spices then id suggest you stay away!

Young whisky with a very nice punch on the palate. And at £39 whats not to like..

Find it HERE.

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