Ben Nevis 5 Year Old 2015 – cask 10711

Just as we enter what was supposed to be a new year with new hopes that normality might be close we find ourselves right back where we were last year.

The hope of normality for a lot of us just slowly drains away and is replaced with the stark fact this year will be very much like last year, lonely for many, hard for most and for some it might be their last..

The vaccines are now being rolled out which is supposed to give us hope but there is plenty of scepticism surrounding them, its hard to know what to do with it all. Whatever happens over the next year I know we will come out of it into a totally different world, things might seem the same but so many will have lost loved ones, friends and work mates, the only thing that will stay the same is night will follow day, we will breath and life will carry on.

We have to hope that as intelligent people we come out of this with a new purpose, a belief we have to change and become more patient, more helpful towards others and in some cases more polite, friendly and approachable..

We all need to make this world a better place to live before its too late..

With that said, todays review is a little different and will hopefully go some way to showing what pre conceptions people have can be very wrong..

A whisky needs to be aged for at least 10 years to be any good..

Whisky is rubbish if its under 10 years old..

Its not ready, its too young..

The distillery is just throwing young whisky out to make money fast..

Yep, ive heard all these before and many more. The concept that whisky has to be matured for at least 10 years to be good is total rubbish!! Do not let anyone tell you any different, but.. Yes there is a BUT already, not all whisky is good at a young age just like not all whisky is good at an older age!

Whisky is ready when its ready, that might be 3 years, it might be 20 years or older so don’t get too hung up over those age statements, they are a guideline only. There has already been so much written over this debate so i wont get too involved once again other than saying Do not be afraid to take the plunge, you might just be surprised..

Ben Nevis 5 Year Old 2015 (cask 10711) (Adelphi)

5 year old Ben Nevis – Adelphi – Cask 10711

Distillery.. Ben Nevis

Region.. Highlands

Vintage.. 2015

Age.. 5 years

Abv.. 61.3%

Cask.. First Fill Oloroso Butt

Outturn.. 622 Bottles

Bottler.. Adelphi

Nose.. A lovely hit of dates, raisins and plum comes through with a pot of coffee brewing on the side, chocolate melting in a pan and jaffa cakes sitting on a plate waiting to be eaten.. Then imagine apples pie cooking in the oven, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and a little tobacco leaf drying. its all in here..

Palate.. Orange marmalade on toast, jaffa cakes, chocolate covered raisins, Turkish delight dipped in chocolate, Glace cherries, peanut brittle, and a nice hit of ginger which just brings enough heat..

Finish.. Chocolate, spices and drying..

Thoughts.. This is just divine, the sherry has worked well and given this young malt a rich, sweet and youthful complexity..

Yes there are plenty of signs this is young but i wouldn’t expect anything different, its about whats there rather than what isnt!! the whisky is sherried but again i expected that, its got plenty to occupy you whilst just reminding you that whisky can be enjoyed sooner rather than waiting for an eternity..

Go on, be brave and try something at the younger end..

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  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Some awesome younger whiskies out there

    Liked by 1 person

  2. scottysdrams says:

    Great review. I’ve an open bottle of Allt Dour 8 (Blair Athol IB) and it’s first fill Sherry butt. And also amazing! Would easily call it my personal whisky of 2020.

    So many people do get hung up on age statements.

    Liked by 1 person

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